2013 Draft

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Re: 2013 Draft

Post by Diehard1 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 3:17 pm

Blob Mckenzie wrote:
DonCherry4PM wrote:
darren wrote:
How do you know that was on the table? You don't.
True, and you don't know that it wasn't. Whatever the case, I do know it was a terrible trade.
YOU know it was. Phew........ that's refreshing as long as you know. What exactly do you think the GM could have gotten for Schneider ? Have you seen the market for NHL goaltenders over the last five to ten years ? It hasn't been very fucking good to say the least.

Considering that Luongo seemed to have negative value throughout the NHL due to the length of his contract, it was obvious that Schneider would be the one dealt. It's too bad Mike Smith re signed in Phoenix because I would have dealt both goalies myself if we could have singed him.

This team has a thin prospect pool( not as bad as the dude and his mongoloid crew would have you believe- but it is bottom third in the NHL). They needed a high end forward prospect in the worst way. It appears as though they landed two of them today. it isn't out of the question Vancouver could have three players on the Canadian JR team . When has that happened ?

I love CS and am sorry to see him go. That said , they do still have a pretty good goalie under contract if he wants to stay so all is not lost. The move can't be all bad because the mouth breathers over at D'Arcy's site seem to be panning it and there aint a lot of smart cats over there.
This is what I'm looking forward to - some legitimate Canuck prospects on team Canada at the WJHC. Hodgson was the last one I can remember, and before him it's been forever. All 3 of Gaunce, Horvat and Shinkaruk have very good chances to make the team.

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Re: 2013 Draft

Post by damonberryman » Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:53 pm

ukcanuck wrote:
DonCherry4PM wrote:
coco_canuck wrote:The Canucks didn't get the farm for Cory as they once had likely imagined but they most certainly got value for him.

If Horvat is a hit, getting an 18-year old top prospect is pretty much exactly what you want.
I would reword your last sentence into "only if Horvat is successful in making the top six, do you get fair value for Schniedier". IMO, all things being equal, a proven commodity (or at least more proven) is worth more than an unproven one. Therefore I would expect to get a little more value in return. They may not have necessarily have been able to get a lot more but it's hard for me to believe that they couldn't have at least squeezed for an additional prospect or lower pick to balance out the deal.
And that would do it for you? just a little bit more to make it fair I suppose.

Did you see the "18" year old
Complete package that walked up to the podium yesterday? The kid is already
As thick chested as a horse, that's no man child there but a pure thorough bred Canadian hockey player. ( sorry for the shitty analogy)

Finally ....
fucking A

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Re: 2013 Draft

Post by Per » Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:18 am

Very happy with the Vancouver result from the draft. :)

A bit surprised though that no team chose to waste a pick on Viktor Arvidsson. Sure, he is a runt, measuring a mere 175 cm above sea level, but he's a born goal scorer, and performed well at the last world juniors ( 4 goals and 1 assist in six games ).

At the j18 level on Sweden he scored a total of 128 points (66G 62A) in 57 games.
At the J20 level he scored 81 in 89 (43G 38A).
At the international jr level he has 52 points in 52 games (30G 22A).

Sure, in the SHL he has only amounted to 12 points in 56 games, but he added another 8 in 13 playoff games (6G 2A), he was on the championship winning team, he was a rookie of the year nominee and was named best Swedish junior of the year.


There were rumours in March that the Canucks were interested in him, but apparently not enough to waste a pick on him. Shrug. He's 20 now though and maybe they prefer to just invite him to camp later on and sign him as a free agent?

Or maybe they decided he's too short. :(
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Re: 2013 Draft

Post by dbr » Tue Jul 02, 2013 7:36 am

Gotta wonder if picking up an extra pick (and a top one at that) gave the Canucks enough sense of security to take some really big swings at the plate with the rest of their selections.

Shinkaruk was a big faller by the time they got up again at #24, and while that is the Gillis MO in the late first round Shinkaruk isn't like a Brendan Gaunce in that if he does not make it as a scorer (and doesn't reinvent himself), he won't make it at all.

They took a couple of players who have had little chance to show what they can do in major junior in Cassels and Liberati, and in Jordan Subban they've got a boom or bust player who needs a late growth spurt to have any real shot in the NHL.

If they didn't have a sure thing in the hand already would we see the Canucks make selections like these, or is this just the new draft strategy for the Canucks - this year's equivalent of the overaged players we saw last year?

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Re: 2013 Draft

Post by Aaronp18 » Tue Jul 02, 2013 9:41 am

dbr wrote:and in Jordan Subban they've got a boom or bust player who needs a late growth spurt to have any real shot in the NHL.
Three letters.


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