what has to happen to get the ship on course?

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Re: what has to happen to get the ship on course?

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Meds wrote:
vic wrote:
In all seriousness, The Sabres may be shopping their big names and starting a re-build. I've read and heard on the various sports shows on the radio and TV that the team may look at shopping Vanek, Miller & Pomminville to get some new pieces back along with a high draft pick this year and start the whole thing over.

How about

Edler + Schneider for Vanek + Myers + Regehr

They have Ehroff signed until the end of time with experience playing along side Edler in Vancouver. Shopping Miller, they need a new #1 and Cory's a perfect fit for that role. Luongo probably doesn't waive his NTC to go to a rebuilding team.

Canucks get back a top 6 sniper who can also pass the puck + a big young RHS d-man who has nothing but upside. Reghr would be considered a rental, another big d-man who can log a lot of minutes and rough it up when needed.
Sure, let's lose some future goaltending talent and replace it with an old rental and one of the slowest skaters in the game in Regehr. Add a pair of big salaries in Vanek and Myers, both of whom are as inconsistent as Edler.

Good move. :roll:
:D Oh I dunno, getting Vanek & Meyers could be Vancouvers version of Gomez & Redden.
(Remember Barry Pederson anyone?)

I don't remember Vancouver going out and spending big $$$ on a free agent that worked out well.
Hank & Danny have a couple of years left in their prime, and Kesler has a few.
What we really need is a solid 3rd line center with some offensive skills, and who can fit in with our Cap situation.
Obviously we need to solve the overload in the goalie position

Any more drastic tinkering tinkering than that and we risk destroying team chemistry and resembling the Flames or Sabres.
Save the major rebuild until the Sedins are in decline and we need to retool the top two lines
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