Edler signs -- 6 years, 30 mil

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Re: Edler signs -- 6 years, 30 mil

Post by Benjo » Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:50 pm

Vader wrote:
dbr wrote:
Potatoe1 wrote:-I have liked the steady play of Jason Garrison, but I don't like the fact he's pushed Alex Edler to the right side. Edler has never looked comfortable playing there and last night was no exception. I'm not sure what the solution is so I hope Alex can make incremental progress through out the season.
I found it interesting that Alex Edler will earn $3.25m next year.
I noticed that too. Edler must be gambling the amount paid into escrow will be less down the road as the lockout will hurt HRR in the short term...thus he takes the majority of the dollars later in the deal.
There has been a few contracts signed post lockout that are back loaded, I would agree it's likely due to the huge escrow hit the players will take next season.

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