Wife of Dominic Moore passes away, 32

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Blob Mckenzie
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Re: Wife of Dominic Moore passes away, 32

Post by Blob Mckenzie » Fri Jan 11, 2013 11:01 pm

Sorry for biting your head off dude....it's just a real sore spot for me and if people want to greive publicly in a forum setting then I say have at er'. It sucks to see people you love die of cancer. There's no end to it. In the next month or two I will be attending my old baseball coach's funeral- he has stomach cancer. You couldn't meet a better guy, retired fireman, great dad, great grandpa....honest- give you the shirt off his back, just a good shit and he gets five fucking years to live after he retires. Fucking bullshit I say .

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Re: Wife of Dominic Moore passes away, 32

Post by tantalum » Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:08 am

I lost both my grandparents on my dads side to lung cancer before i was born.

I lost my dad to prostate cancer 4 years ago yesterday.

I lost my oma to kidney cancer last summer.

While at times I think like RD does and say "so? we've all lost someone", my mind quickly turns to it simply being sad no matter who that person is. And then I think that any publicity of a someone dying of these horrible fucking diseases (and it is diseases as each cancer is different which is one reason why it is so hard to treat and find a cure) might just cause someone to reach into their pocket and give to cancer research or volunteer to help ease pain at a hospice or whatever. So IMO publicize away.

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