The 2012/13 Canucks ..contender or pretender?

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Re: The 2012/13 Canucks ..contender or pretender?

Post by Tciso » Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:40 pm

RoyalDude wrote:
Tciso wrote: I do agree that our 2nd line is dependent on Kesler, but imo, Booth is as good as Samuelsson was in his prime. Btw, Samuelsson's prime was when he was 31-33 years old, and Booth is only 27. I personally think that a health Booth/Kesler/Higgins 2nd line will be a thing of beauty. Booth goes to the dirty areas better then Samuelsson did, and should be just hitting his own prime. And, Hansen/Lapp/Kassian will do nicely as our 3rd line.
LMAO....Duuuuuude! You must be on a five day bender of the Tri-Cities pubs with ole Blobby Mac there. I know Blobby likes to end his benders on the floor of the bathroom of the Arms pub with a pant full of piss stain, if you make there, you ain't no lightweight for Blobby Mac is tough to keep up with on a bender.

Pea Brained Booth does not have the mental capacity to blame the crafty game that Samuelsson can play and does not, will not, can not shoot like Samuelsson can. Dirty areas??? You just described my biggest beef with floater Booth, he wouldn't know what to do in a dirty area if his life depended on it, the guy is a watcher and is always behind the play due to his shit anticipation zero puck possession skills. Booth, Mr. zero intensity has nowhere near the piss n vinegar competitive fire that Samuelsson has. Give me Samuelsson at half his prime over Booth any day of the week.

How long is it going to take some of you to wake up and smell the coffee....Booth and Kesler simply are not compatible players. Bottom line
Hey, I love that Sammy was a shooter. It took a while to develop, but he did bring the "shoot from anywhere" element to the team. And, yes, he was good defensively. But, imo, he was also pretty soft. One of the reasons he has always been a shooter is that he does not fight to get to the crease. Samuelsson -needs- the dirty guys who scoop in rebounds to be effective offensively. Booth can scoop them in, whether it's Kesler, Higgins (MayRay) or Samuelsson doing the shooting. Like I say, if all 3 are healthy, look out!!!
The Cup is soooooo ours!!!!!!!

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Re: The 2012/13 Canucks ..contender or pretender?

Post by Blob Mckenzie » Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:04 pm

I'm sure I love the dynamics of the line but as said above they never really played together when all of them were healthy, but then again the dude has never really cared about the facts.

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Re: The 2012/13 Canucks ..contender or pretender?

Post by dbr » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:53 am

Samuelsson was good defensively? :look:

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