Kesler's Injury

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Re: Kesler's Injury

Post by the Dogsalmon » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:14 am

Canuck-One wrote:
Hockey Widow wrote:Or MG doesn't want other gm's to know the real situation on Kesler which may affect trade offers.

This is exactly what I thought he was doing. He is a cagey guy our GMMG. He gives Cody protected minutes in good situations to up his worth. He is sitting pretty with Luo awaiting what I expect to be a good trade for us. Part of his poker face is to make it appear that we don't need anything but we will make the trade if we get everything we want. He isn't a part of the Old Boys Network so he has to do what he does best. No doubt strategy he developed while working as a player agent.

do you have a statue of his cock by your bed???...from what i have seen since he arrived GMMG is far from that complex an individual...

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