Alex Edler's next contract

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Re: Alex Edler's next contract

Post by dbr » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:45 am

RoyalDude wrote:Can't wait til the Red Wings sign him so we can say "shit, wish we still had Edler. We could use a defenseman like him"
We'll see what happens, but yes when you've let a similarly talented offensive defenseman (Ehrhoff) walk over under a million dollars a year, letting a second go over another relatively small gap is a pretty tough thing to recover from.

I think the furthest I'd go with Edler is a Mike Green type of contract - short term and high dollars (although relatively cheap for a supposed "number one defenseman"). If he thinks he deserves a higher salary than that then he can have two or three years to show it, otherwise he can take the security of a longer deal that is closer in line with the rest of the Canucks defensemen or the Canucks will have to look to move him or to make a significant move to fill his skates (something they didn't do when Ehrhoff left).

Of course, we're a ways off from that right now. If I remember correctly we heard some bizarre things from Ryan Kesler's agent during negotiations of his most recent deal (something along the lines of 'the team's usage of Kesler suggests he's the most important player on the team') and they ended up in a reasonable position so hopefully things work out okay.

Ironically, if the players get their goal of surrendering a loss of HRR without any movement from their $1.87b figure then the cap ceiling is likely to either stay where it is for a few years of even drop, that could be catastrophic for a player hitting UFA like Edler - and great for the Canucks if they can clear enough space to accomodate a reasonable extension.

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Re: Alex Edler's next contract

Post by the Dogsalmon » Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:50 am

if he is our #1 DMAN...we got trouble...bye Alex have a nice day...

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