1994 Playoff Run Video

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Re: 1994 Playoff Run Video

Post by LotusBlossom » Fri May 01, 2009 2:02 pm

Blob Mckenzie wrote:
BTR17 wrote:Does anyone have a copy still on VHS? Would love to give this as a gift to a new Canuck fan. I know there must be a few copies kicking around on VHS still. I lost mine in a move.

Any help would be ridiculously appreciated! Would be grateful to pay for a copy. Or perhaps someone has burned it to DVD?

Thanks again.
i can probably hook you up with a BETA copy. 1987 called they want their VCR back :rofl:

Lol BETA. OMG, I was helping my dad clean out his garage the other day (mostly due to all my shoes that I haven't brought to Ontario with me yet...don't ask I'm Filipino *Imelda*) And we found my old 13 inch Sony Trinitron TV and the old Beta-Max player in some box that hasn't been looked into for years.

I do have the Nucks on run on VHS as well and haven't converted them to DVDs.
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