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jchockey wrote:The crux of this entire argument, is whether or not Luongo wants to be part of a re-building process once again. He's suffered enough in Florida, will he go through the same thing in Vancouver when he knows that 29 other teams would love to have him on their team?

Like many of the other teams in the league, the team's future lies in the hands of the superstar.
My guess - no...no he will not. Luongo, to me anyway, does NOT seem like the type of guy that will settle for mediocrity. Luongo seems like the type of guy that wants to build a legacy (a la Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur). Luongo's wife doesn't even like the idea of living in Vancouver.

Bottom line? Roberto Luongo is going to need a DAMN good reason to stick it out in Vancouver.

Given how tough it's been for Vancouver to sign free agents (or make trades) since other "top" players would rather play in 'winning atmosphere's' (i.e. Detroit) or 'cool cities' (i.e. Manhattan), I really don't know how the Canucks can get to that next level.

Pavol Demitra didn't sign here because he thought the Canucks were going to be a contender (and if he did, he's a moron). The dude signed here because he came here to retire/die/float. Maybe there wasn't enough room in Florida or Phoenix.
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To be fair to Pavol he signed here because he likes the outdoors and nature and wanted to take his son up to Whistler lots. True story.
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