Canucks second choice to Sundin is Mark Parrish..... sigh

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Post by levelheaded »

Ehhh... For the right price he wouldn't be too bad, I just don't see a fit for him. He would be a good Plan B if Bernier flops with the Twins, but other than that he'd probably end up being a 3rd liner.

Even though I've lost a ton of respect for him, I just pray Sundin signs here.
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Post by jchockey »

At least with him on the third line it'd add some more scoring punch.
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the toucan kid
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Post by the toucan kid »

I think I like him more than you guys do, but he's no number one center. Another right handed shot though, and he seems to be able to pop around 20 a year, probably not a drop from Morrison.
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Post by DonCherry4PM »

I agree with Toucan. I wouldn't mind having more scoring touch and toughness in the form of Parrish - he's no slouch with 6 seasons between 23 and 30 goals. Can't really blame him too much for dropping off playing in Minny - although if AV doesn't live up to the claimed "more offensive" style he may stay in the same form. Still, if he is willing to take a reasonable salary why not?

I am off the Sundin wagon.
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Post by Bartman »

Sounds more like an agent trying to drum up interest for his client than anything else.
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Linden Is God
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Post by Linden Is God »

Plan Z???

:towel: :towel: :towel:
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Post by ClamRussel »

Maybe its Gillis jockying for a run at Tavares?
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Post by Grizzly »

Can't really blame him too much for dropping off playing in Minny - although if AV doesn't live up to the claimed "more offensive" style he may stay in the same form.
Not sure how he is going to live up to the claimed "more offensive" style ... simply don't have the players for that right now.

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Post by Mikodat »

Ouchhhhhh a long drop off from Sundin to Parrish.... lets hope there is more than just Parrish on the burner... Picking up a player that isn't good enough to play for the Wild looks like a desperation move.. not a plan B...
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Post by Madcombinepilot »

we already have a Parrish. His name is Taylor Pyatt
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Post by Soapy »

Linden Is God wrote:Plan Z???
Praying for arbitration hearings....we are desperate ..... :oops: :oops:
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Post by Badfish »

I would imagine that Parrish is not all of plan B, but maybe one of a few players he's got feelers out to. There's still allot of cap space left without mats. Also tho, I agree this sounds more like the agent trying to generate interest. a line with Demitra-____-Parrish wouldn't be too bad if we went out and grabbed another solid C to anchor them. Easier said then done, obviously. If Wellwood ends up there, I'm not so stoked. Not totally writing off Wellwood, just think he should have to earn a spot if anything.
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Doyle Hargraves
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Post by Doyle Hargraves »

Bartman wrote:Sounds more like an agent trying to drum up interest for his client than anything else.
Exactly. Then again this is Vancouver.
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Post by Sid Dithers »

Linden Is God wrote:Plan Z???
So it would appear. MG will consider just about any body with a pulse at this point. :(
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