Vancouver Sports Media - A Rant

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sk8er wrote: The problem is that we have absolutely NO idea what goes on in the organization on a day to day basis, so therefore, we jump to all kinds of wild and often ridiculous conclusions.
You know, I think this pretty much sums up the entire Canuck fan base :lol:

When it comes to the Canucks, (and yes I agree it goes well beyond the Canucks JC) we know what they let us know. Not just in the offseason and not just from Gillis. For the most part (here's where that bit about "time" and "research" would come in) our information comes through the organization. I think that unless you really, really know someone on the inside, you have no real idea what's really going on with a GM, Owner, scouts, or in the locker room. Everything we do is obviously just speculation :)

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Badfish wrote:You know, I think this pretty much sums up the entire Canuck fan base :lol:
:lol: hell yeah, we're all wild and free...
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I would love a 6'5' centre
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Re: Vancouver Sports Media - A Rant

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Kowch wrote:I'm tired.

I'm tired of Tony Gallagher. I'm tired of Ed Willis. I'm tired of Ian MacIntyre. Vancouver sports writers suck.

Maybe it's just me, but back when I lived in BC, the only real asshole in the news media there was Neil MacRae and that other guy on the radio that my mom hated because he always called every woman who called into his program "doll"... but I digress.

What I'm on about is the fact that they're already tearing Pavol Demitra to shreds and he hasn't even played a game in a Canucks uniform. Wait... let me back up a mintue. He hasn't even had a PRACTICE in a Canucks uniform. In fact, he probably hasn't even been fitted for a practice jersey. And already the media in Vancouver is trying to run him out of town.

For a team and city that now seemingly wants Sundin to sign, why would he? Why would he come to a city that's already trashing a decent player for no apparent reason? I'm sick and tired of trying to dig out information on the team only to find negative bullshit columns from reporters that seem to have some kind of chip on their shoulder and regardless of who Gillis brings in they're going to trash them. We as fans should demand better.

Good post.

What I'm interested to know, is how do the media's in SUCCESSFUL cities such as Detroit and Boston handle their athletes?! If they aren't all that negative (even during the tough times), then perhaps it's important for OUR media to realize how counter-productive it is to be so damn negative. YES - negativity and controversy sells...but is it really worth doing so at the expense of pissing off GM's, coaches, and players?!

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Post by Jelly »

atleast pratt got fired for being lazy and stupid.

if only newspaper fire the idiots that write these so called insights.

i'm willing to bet good money that, any of us can do a better job, if we were given the same amount of access into the players and management.
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