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As I've said before swapping Ritchie for Green, Isbister for Bulis, etc. I feel has been more of a product of DN choosing not to lose anything rather than improve.
Absolutely. I think adding more sandpaper to the bottom two lines was a move in the right direction but it isn't even coming close to solving the actual problem that is keeping us from going all the way: We just don't score enough.
Do we really have to wait another 10-odd years before the next big trade falls into Nonis' lap?
You are reading my mind.

I'm not sure if this season is the season to break the bank and try add those last pieces of the puzzle but I have been watching the Canucks this past season and I keep thinking we are wasting a grand opportunity to finally win a Cup while we have Luongo. Luongo could be gone in two more seasons. The Sedins are under contract for only one more season after this. There is always the possibility that those players could sign extensions but we may only have two, maybe three more chances to go all the way with Luongo here.

I am willing to bet that Nonis will wind up doing something similar to what he did last year at the trade deadline. Adding a Smolinski or Sopel to the line-up will help but I highly doubt that it will make a difference to the point where we make that last move to make ourselves a team with enough depth to go all the way.
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I really doubt it

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I really doubt it

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