Cowan. Why again?

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Cowan. Why again?

Post by Bartman »

I know he had a strong run of games last year and a few bra's hit the ice but can someone please explain to me why he isn't being waved of planted in the box on a semi permanent basis?

He doesn't have the skill set to generate more than the occasional token point. He isn't a very effective checker. I can't remember the last big hit he threw (might have been in the playoffs last year). He NEVER seems to win a fight and certainly doesn't act as a deterrent. He takes bad or poorly timed penalties. Should I go on?

I know AV doesn't have a lot of options at his disposal but Linden/Isbister/Rypien would all be upgrades on the Brabarian.

I'll ask again. Why is this guy wasting a roster spot?
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Sid Dithers
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Post by Sid Dithers »

Gotta agree.
He successfully milked out another NHL contract, that's all this year has amounted to concerning Cowan. I'd much rather see someone like Jannick Hansen or Mike Brown out there getting a chance than a 30-year-old fringer. No need for Cowan to be in the lineup anymore, IMO.
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Post by Soapy »

See the toughness thread.....
how did we pass on Shelly when we need aome tough guys...actual tough guys....not this lame 'team toughness'....if Ohlund is fighting you have a friggin toughness problem...NONIS please address it....I don't want to see another 'energy guy' that does f*^% all.....either you can play on line 1 or 2...or you murder guys....I'm pissed.....
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Post by newostar »

The one and only reason Cowan is in the lineup, along with Richie playing point on the powerplay is because they are coaches favourites.

AV loves effort...but these guys are boneheads this year. They definitely fill the AV process, but don't have the smarts/hands to make an impact.
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Post by Fred »

What I don't understand is this, don't carry the full NHL roster ie a surplus of players, but have one guy in Victoria like a Brandon Sugden, paying him monor league salary but available when needed to be called up. A real heavyweight idiot who has kicked the crap out of players like McGraton and Boogard while in the minor leagues.

What stops DN from doing that. Isn't that one of the benefits of having a farm team close by ?
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Todd Bersnoozi
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Post by Todd Bersnoozi »

I really liked Jeff Cowan last year... he was really gritty and scored a few goals. I thought he had untapped potential; however, this year has been a different story. He's always injured, he's not really a heavy weight and he just doesn't seem to be doing much out there. Hopefully, he can stay healthy for a long period and get back to being the player he was last year.
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mr perfect
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Post by mr perfect »

The problem with Cowan has been his health but we're starting to see why he's bounced around and been waived by a few teams. Vigneault squeezed as much play out of Cowan as he could last season, which is commendable. But at soon to be 32 years old, what you see is what you get from him. He's not even a good light heavyweight in the fisticuffs department. If Nonis is so against having an enforcer in the lineup, then have a PP specialist instead of Cowan on the roster so if teams do take penalties running the Canucks' skilled players, they can make them pay by scoring on them.
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Post by jchockey »

There is no use for Cowan as an enforcer if he doesnt have Boogaard or Parros-size. He is a waste of space and does not bring anything to the team our other plugs cant.

Therefore he should be waived or traded. ive been saying this all season long.
Joe Rockhead
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Post by Joe Rockhead »

This guy has to go. Plain and simple. The 6 goals in 5 games and bra thing were all fun for a while but that has long since past.
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Post by whistler »

I still think Cowan has untapped potential though I haven't seen much of it this season.

He has a good shot...usually on net...usually top blocker corner...and he gets it off fast.

That's pretty much all I've seen but you'd think that would be a good thing in the PP which needs something new added to it.

Cowan's puck handling and passing skills aren't up there so maybe he would be a net liability but, if his job were to just get in position and wait for the puck, he might do some damage.

The thing is, we don't have enough top guys performing at their best.
AV has to find a way of getting more out of his middle ranks.

A guy like Cowan doesn't have the full skill set to get the whole job done but he's wasted as a plugger too.

The coach has to find a way of setting him up so he can accomplish something.

We've got to use what we've got.

A couple of bras would go a long way at this point in the season. :lol:
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