Foppa's first deadline approaching

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Post by stevethiessen »

true... Naslund might be WORTH 3PM, but we might have to pay a tad more to avoid some other douche gm goin nuts. If the cap goes up, we have some play room, and if we're honest, Naslund fit right in point production wise with other 3.5-4.5mil players.
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Post by Badfish »

Do you guys really see naslund playing for another team next year? To me it's the Nucks or back home for Nazzy. Maybe that's just the sentimentalist in me. I know thats what he had hinted at in the past...
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Post by stevethiessen »

I agree with badfish... I don't see Naslund going anywhere else if its not vancouver.
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Post by Cookie La Rue »

And to add it would get a lot of pressure out of him. So he would benefit himself and say yes to a reasonable paycut.

ps: I wonder in comparison what they're doing with all their millions ? Most of us need maybe 25 years to gain 1 million and it's already spent after the end of such a period......
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Post by Sid Dithers »

mattola wrote:
stevethiessen wrote: I would resign him for $3M and Morrison for $2.2 on a one year deal.
Not a chance in hell. I don't want Nazzy back for any amount of money. The specter of his presence hanging over the team is nothing but a hindrance now. It won't get any better when his production drops even further. As for Mo, I'd consider having him back for a bargain price only, maybe something in the 1.5 range, tops.

It's time to dump the players who are diminishing in production, not re-up them. Salo and Cooke are two more I'd try to shuffle out the door, too.

And there is no way I'd pay Forsberg $5 mill per year. He's an injury just waiting to happen, and with that comes the ongoing drama. Not interested.
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Post by Bartman »

Nazzy and BMo are no longer the core of this team and while I agree that it's time for some change I just don't know if that's realistic to expect.

We might feel that they are underproducing for their pay because we've seen them give so much more but the reality is that they are not that far off their market value. Remove them from the team and a big chunk of our goals goes with them. Who replaces them?

The UFA market isn't going to be very good. Trade for a young gun like Carter OR sign him to an offer sheet and you give up too much. The guys in our system are not ready this year and may not be ready next. Unless we want to see Ritchie as our second line center (not impossible with AV's strange man love for him) then BMo should stay at least.

Naslund for 4 million and BMo for 3 will probably be decent value.

Edit...I forgot to add that Forsberg for 2 years at 3 per looks pretty good right now. It's a gamble that he'll stay healthy but I think in terms of risk reward it's a no brainer. Hopefully he's interested in coming here despite his ties to his old teams and our current struggles. Are we still a contender in his mind?

Besides...I think we've seen how valuable BMo has become since he's been hurt. With him healthy I don't think this team is in such a tail spin.
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Post by Mikodat »

Looking down the road to next year I,d say that BMo is the more consistently good player and might be worth signing. He has proven to be a decent center and good as a setup man on the PP and as a penalty killer.... Fits into AV's scheme of defence first far better than Naslund.... maybe worth 3 mill... Naslund ?? doubt he'll sign for 3 but thats probably about his net worth to the team.. Forestburg yep........ if we get a shot at him sign him ... Its time to roll the dice . without him we haven't got a hope in H of making a run for the Stanley. Maybe with Peter it'll motivate Naslund .. and we got 2 first lines :)
But of course there is that little problem of getting into the playoffs :(...... hope some of the wounded get back into the lineup before we are out of contention.
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Post by antro »

back to the foppa posts, we're still in the running, if not in first place:

and apparently, we're also in the hunt for fabian brunnstrom, i.e., to flank the twins:

i don't know if foppa is worth more than a this year deal, btw.
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Post by Soapy »

Foppa turned down DET because of the COL/DE rivalry .......& they have Swedes.....he will not come to Vancouver for the same reasons...too bad :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Post by Cornuck »

Would he want to come here just to learn AV's defense-first system? I'm sure Markus has told him how much fun it is.
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