Let Me Be The First To Say...

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Let Me Be The First To Say...

Post by levelheaded »

Well done boys. True, it's unfortunate that we had to lose in such depressing fashion, but this season is 100% a success in my opinion.

Almost no one predicted we'd make the playoffs, and those that did said at best we'd be seventh. We proved them wrong.

As we started to heat up not one supposed 'pundit' said it was genuine, or that it would last. We proved them wrong.

As the season wore on and we moved into first in the division, still no one outside this city had faith in this team. They said we had no chance of winning the division. We proved them wrong.

After we clinched the playoffs, a good majority of people gave the opening round series to Dallas saying Luongo was unproven in the playoffs, and that we couldn't get it done. We proved them wrong.

When we did beat Dallas, we were supposed to be steamrolled by the Ducks, and even though we lost in 5 games, the series score really wasn't all that telling. A tiny bit of luck (and even the most die hard Anaheim fan has to admit this) we'd be the ones skating into the conference finals.

Sure this season had it's ups and downs, but we have the greatest goaltender on earth (who is now officially playoff proven), one of the better defenses in the West, and a solid bunch of forwards. Not to mention a group of talented, promising young players.

I didn't think we'd be able to win the cup this year, we just don't have all the pieces yet, but watch out World. We'll be a force to reckon with next year.

So without much further ado, I am proud to say I am a fan of the Vancouver Canucks for the first time in a long time.

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Post by JamesOwnzSam11 »

I agree with Pratt on this kind of thing.
"I think my biggest influence has been Messier."Watching him prepare for games and how seriously he still took everything at his age. A lot of the qualities that he had helped me get better."- Markus Naslund
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Post by mattola »


we have our core D in check
we have the BEST FRAKING goalie in the world manning our Net
we need to clean up the forward depth and PP

This team is going forward and I am PROUD ... DAMN PROUD to be a Canuck fan

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Post by Cornuck »

It's amazing what an all world goalie can do to a team. But this team also worked from top to bottom. Seeing guys like Cowan come in a make the most of their chances, seeing a re-animated Linden.

This team gave up more than we could have hoped for... and more.

I think for once, Canuck fans are REALLY looking forward to next year.
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Post by Tukaram »

Nothing to be ashamed of at all this season. :towel:
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Post by JCardinal »

If someone had told me at the beginning of the season that the Canucks would be playing in May I would have told them to go back to Toronto. They definitely outperformed beyond my expectations.

It's hard when a team makes it into the playoffs to not start getting crazy expectations which makes it shittier when they lose, but objectively they did extremely well and I expect will do much better next season.
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Post by Kel »

Definitely a successful season. After all, nobody was sure whether the Canucks could make the playoffs, let alone win a round. Great efforts given all the injuries and the less talented lineup, and congrats to the Ducks and especially Brian Burke for putting together a true cup contending team. (Even though the Canucks at times made the Ducks look ordinary.) And I hope the last goal Luongo goal gave up would serve to make him better, even though it's hard to imagine a better performance than the one he gave the team in first postseason. He's just proven he's equally good if not better under pressure situation, game 7 and elimination games no doubt.

On the other hand, this playoffs show that this team's weaknesses. Lack of speed, lack of offensive talent, and lack of finish. You can argue they lack toughness defensively too, they were not effectively handling the big bodies down low. Nonis did a great job last offseason (Marc Chouinard and Santala aside) but he has more work to do.

I hope to see the Sharks advance and see how the Ducks handles a team with equal if not better offensive talents (skill-wise AND size-wise) next round. This has been an interesting playoffs year, even though there will probably be no CInderella team in the finals (unless the Rangers upset in this and next round). Back to the topic, I know Nonis' hands are kinda tied with Naslund's and Morrison's salaries, but I hope he can make some good moves.
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Post by Meerschaum »

You know, now that the first year of what I believe will be a three year rebuild of the team is complete - I have to say the 'Nucks are far ahead of the curve. Way to go, boys!

Northwest Division Champion and an appearance in the second round - not a shabby result for a team pegged for 9th in the West. Heck, it's a hell of a lot better position to be in than those contenders-on-paper for the Conference crown - the hapless Flames and the Oil. :lol:

How do we look in net? Well, a Hart and a Vezina nomination speak for themselves.

Our defence core - a huge question mark at the beginning of the season - looks like an embarassment of riches going forward. Bieska should continue to improve - as will Krajicek (who I felt really picked up his Game when the injuries piled up). Edler, surprisingly, looks like he might possibly be a keeper too. And that gives us the luxury of bringing Bourdon along gradually. I frankly have no idea what we do if Koltsov shows up to training camp.

At forward - well, we were certainly unlucky to be missing an entire line of energy guys by the end of this post-season. The Twins, Pyatt, Kessler and Burrows, however, give us a pretty solid foundation. Certainly, Chouinard and Santala were busts. Bulis also failed to deliver on his offensive promise - but proved to be a modestly effective checker at the end of the day. Nonis' task in the offseason will be to swap around some of our depth in the defensive forward category for a tad more size, offence and some PP finish. (Hmmmn. Do you ever wonder if that Anson Carter guy would click with the Twins?)

But, let's not adjust the mix too much. We don't want to pull a Sutter and gut our team's defensive and blue collar mindset for the fools' gold of a couple dozen more goals.

Anyways, the real opportunity for change up front will come in year three of the rebuild - when Nonis has $9 million of cap space taken up by Nazzy and Mo to go UFA hunting.

On the coaching side, a Jack Adams nomination is obviously a good sign. But, we clearly could use a new assistant to run with the PP.

Oh yeah, and GM Place is sold out every night and there's a waiting list for seasons tickets. Not a bad position for a franchise to be in at all.

At most little tweak here and there - some luck when it comes to the injury bug - and things will be looking just peachy.

Congratulations again to the team on a great season! There were many successes on which to build.
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Post by Icebreaka »

Wow you guys are positive. You do have a valid point in that we did outperform expectations. We certainly didn't look like a second round team back in December. To that I can say sure, well done.

However to be the best team in the league in the second half and then to go into the playoffs and basically ride your goalie and nothing else from game 5 of the first round to tonight's loss is unnacceptable to me. This team does need some big changes. We need to rebuild the core offense basically in my mind. We have a great goalie and a very good d-core. Up front we have a collection of second liners on playoff teams and more 3rd liners than anyone in the league. No one on our team played like a top line offensive player for more than a period at a time. No one. That needs to be addressed. Without Luongo in net for any game in the playoffs we would be steamrolled. We did more than rely on Luongo. HE WAS ALL WE HAD in many cases. Part of me is just pissed that we didn't win but really I think we didn't DESERVE to win. Plain and simple we had no business advancing past this round with that kind of heart and determination.

I think Naslund needs to step down and a new captain selected. He's a great nice guy and did I think try harder than most anyone in the playoffs but he has never been a leader. I don't know who replaces him but that's the problem I see. I hate to sound like Cherry but more gritty Canadians would have helped. Our Euros did not look motivated outside of Bulis of all people in most games.

Sure we did better than expectations but we won't win the cup without some serious moves in the offseason.

Time for golf....
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Post by MacNews »

-We won our DIVISION!!!

-Set a franchise-record for wins!!!

-Won the first round, even getting up 3-1 at one point!

-Took the superior-Ducks to 5 games!

This season couldn't have gone much better!! I am so proud of the job everyone has done. :towel:
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Post by Island Nucklehead »

Top 8 in the league. Enough said. Look at the competition, aside from the Rangers I don't think anyone would be ashamed of saying we are in the mix with Detroit, San Jose, Anaheim, Buffalo, Ottawa and New Jersey.

Success, 100%. We made it as far as the WCE did in their heyday, and this is a rebuilding year!

Naslund will bounce back next year, I have no doubts. If our forward depth (Kesler, Cooke etc) can stay healthy, we will be looking at a competing team next year as well!

As much as these games are less fun to watch, I'd rather us win them! This team proved a lot this year, and I think that with another season of expanding cap room, developing players, and a refined vision, we will be that much better next year.

I'm disapointed we lost, but at the start of the year I would have never expected us to make the elite 8. Well done, Canuckleheads, well done.
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Post by Goon2 »

Thoughts from last night:

Many Canucks bretheren think the Ducks first goal should have been disallowed, contending Bob covered the puck. Replays certainly do not confirm this. Despite the NHL's "protect the goalie" stance, the refs have consistently permitted contact when the defenceman pushes a player into his crease. The no-call on the first goal was correct.

Some Canucks brothers also sneered at the "no call" immediately preceding the OT winner by Superior Neidermayer, wherein Inferior Neidermayer supposedly elbowed Jannick Hansen to squirt the puck free. Again, I didn't see it that way. Inferior Neidermayer is simply 3 feet taller than Zaccheus Hansen. Contact will necessarily be elbow to head, unless of course Inferior Neidermayer were to jump, in which case he would whiff Zaccheus altogether. Mmmm bop!

I wish fellow Canuckleheads would insist that the team score on the power play more than once a month. You shouldn't sniff a conference final if you can't even get set up on the PP. That's the reason we stunk.

Season Ending thoughts:

Nonis got a lesson from his mentor -- size matters in the new NHL. It may be more of a speed game, but the NHL will always be a big man's game in the summer. I shudder at the fact that with Pronger and Superior Neidermayer on the ice, the Canucks countered with Jannick Hansen and Brandon Reid (estimated combined weight 245 lbs).

Who was responsible for the Just Say No to Vigneault thread? Oooops!

A terrific season!

War Bob, who got us here.

War the return of Bryan Allen.
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Post by Puck »

To be fair, I don't think the Canucks solely relied on Luongo. Calgary solely relied on Kipper and didn't get out of the first round. Overall, I don't think heart was a problem either. A few poor periods here and there, but every team does that. Even the eventual Cup winner. I think the Canucks hit the wall last night. It didn't look like lack of effort, it looked like exhaustion. It's possible that their post-Christmas tear took a lot out of them. Anaheim who slumped a little during that same period may have had a little more reserve heading into the playoffs. And, of course, the Canucks played basically basically 16 games over the last few weeks and I don't think they got more than one night off the entire time.

Anyway... a season to be proud of. Only one team will win its last game.
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Post by Larry Goodenough »

I have mixed emotions -

On one hand, I was very dissapointed in the effort last night by most of the skaters.

But I then consider Salo, Bieksa, Mitchell were all playing hurt on defence. I then factor in they were playing a raw rookie in Hansen and Brandon Reid instead of Cooke, Kesler and Cowan.

Then I read the Sedins both had a stomach virus since the Dallas series. I had two virus' this winter, and they zap you of so much energy it's hard to even make it up the stairs to crap yourself for the 7th time in a day.

Then I think of all the hockey they played since the playoffs started - including the almost 3 full extra games they played in OT. I can hardly make it through a 60 minute beer league game once a week. Maybe Nonis should have refused to play game one on the date the NHL set - like Lou Lamoriello did.

Overall, I deem the year a success. With a healthy lineup things might have been different...

In terms of the league next year, they need to increase scoring - I heard someone suggest legalizing offensive picks should be considered. They need to go back to 1 ref and take the decision making away from the idiot league guys in "Toronto". Hand passes should be legal in all zones and kicking the puck in legalized to stop these drastically inconsistent interpretations of " a distinct kicking motion".

Have a good summer everyone.
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Post by brianp »

Good run, thanks for the dreams Guys!! Next year and the next year, can't wait!!

**been known to be wrong on occaision, just ask the Ex
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