Kerry Fraser not in 2007 Playoffs

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Kerry Fraser not in 2007 Playoffs

Post by mattola »

I say good. Im tired of his bad calls and more than biased reffing against the Canucks (and the Flames to boot)

I hate Fraser
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Post by Ropesauce »

I really like the league's efforts to have the best ref's making the best calls.

Bad calls can absolutely ruin a big game,remember Hull's skate in the crease in 99/00 :look:
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Post by Madcombinepilot »

Bad calls can absolutely ruin a big game
Otto kicked it in ;)
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Post by ververgaert »

Have to agree on this. Fraser is done. That delay of game call against Roberto was bush league. Glad to not see him in this years playoff.
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Post by Mantle »

I think Fraser actually calls a good game. Certainly better than McGeough or Schick who both made it in somehow.
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Post by whistler »

I wonder what their criteria was?

Do they reward the refs with the most hooking calls through the regular season with playoff spots? :roll:

There should be a stats page kept for refs.

average penalties per game
type of penalties called
a plus/minus stat based on video replay

Stats to be kept by some independent agency NOT gagged, muzzled or otherwise beholding to Betman and the league.

The refs have become such a factor in the 'new' NHL; we should be able to track their stats. I get so tired of the commentators falling over backwards to justify ghost calls.

If the refs screw up they should say it like it is. "That was a rediculous call!!! What the hell was he thinking??? That call wasn't even close !!! He'd like to have that one back. :oops:

The commentators are happy to rip a player for a bonehead play. They should hold the refs to the same standards. It might keep me from hurling a beer at the new TV.
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Post by sirensong »

Thank god.
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Post by Goon2 »

I like Hasenfratz. He's a local (Franklin, TN). And he manages to kick the puck to our guys.
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