First round predictions

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First round predictions

Post by tantalum »

Did I just miss the predictions thread or what? If so mods can feel free to move this to that thread


An inconsistnent flames club that was only 0.500 down the stretch versus the best regular season team in the West. Seems like a mismatch and I think that it is. Calgary just hasn't shown any heart when it matters this year. I don't see that changing. The only way the flames win this is if Kiprusoff stands on his head and inspires his teammates because clearly the leadership behind the bench and among the skaters can't inspire them.

Detroit in 5.

Off the wall prediction for the series: Iginla gets frustrated, starts a fight and breaks his hand.


I haven't followed either team that much this season to be honest. What I have seen is a Minnesota club at the top of their game the last 20-30 games and a Anaheim club that has at times stumbled...with and without Pronger in the lineup. The Ducks offence is inconsistent and a little too young yet. Minnesota is the best in the game at team defence when they want to be. Wild in 7.

Off the Wall prediction for the series: Prongers wife decides she doesn't like Anaheim as husband Chris has more women to choose from in California than he did in Edmonton. Rumours swirl mid-series disrupting the ducks who have a 3-1 series lead.


To me the best matchup for the canucks as Turco has not proven himself to be a playoff or big game goaltender and every year the pressure on him increases. It's already being talked about. ON paper this is a close to each other in GF/G and GA/G. Dallas has a good PP while the canucks a good PK. Dallas an average PK and the canucks an average PP. It comes down to the goaltenders in my mind. Luongo stands on his head and Turco doesn't. Canucks in 6. Perhaps a pick from the heart but that's what being a fan is all about.

Off the wall prediction: Jan Bulis leads the canucks offence with 5 goals in the series.

Nashville-San Jose

Not sure how to call this series. Both clubs are stellar when on their games. When they aren't both are average. I think Nashville has what it takes and they have the x-factor in of the best playoff performers the league has ever seen. Being big and being physical means nothing as the Sharks found out last year. Nashville in 6.

Off the wall prediciton: Joe Thornton's name appears on the scoresheet under penalties more than goals and assists.

In the East


I have questions about the Sabres goaltending as at time Miller is extremely shaky. However, this shouldn't be a problem this round. Sabres roll over the Islanders in 4.

Off the wall prediction: Yashin and Kozlov find themselves a heart to split between them. Still half a heart more than they've ever had.


TB has no goaltending and they are not going to beat the Devils with offence alone. Devils in 5.

Off the wall prediction: NJ Lou fires himself during game 3 and brings in Pat Burns.


It's a battle of superstars. Jagr vs Kovalchuk and Hossa. I honestly think Jagr has the fire in his belly again and when that happens watch out. I think this is a close battle but in game 7 Jagr rules the rink and the Rangers take it. Rangers in 7.

Off the wall prediction: During a televison timeout of game 1 Lundqvist tearfully apologizes for the wrong he has done to the Islanders ice girls and dedicates his life to the advancement of women. Retiring on the spot.


ONly thing I need to know is that Pens fans everywhere must be thinking the same thing. How uncomfortable it will be watching an OT or close game with Fleury between the pipes. Never knowing when that floater from the blueline will get by him. Despite this the PEns have served notice they are a team to watch in the next few years. BUt this is not the year. Sens in 6.

Off the wall prediction: Tired of the muggings he takes, Crosby goes all McSorley on Alfredsson.
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Post by dangler »

First Round predictions

Det.- Cal. -Goaltending wins series, Calgary in 6

Minn.-Ana.-flip a coin

Vcr.-Dallas-Canucks better find more jump at the start of games if they want to pull this off

Nash.-San Jose-If Nash. makes it through they will be so beatup that they will be easy pickens in the 2nd round,S.J. in 6

Buff.-Isles-4 straight

Atl.-Rangers-this could be a Goaltenders duel 7 games flip a coin unless Avery manages to blow it with a reversion to stupidity,Atl. in 7

Jersey-Tampa-The Devils in 5

Ott.-Pitt.-Fluery might be inconsistent but I don't view Emery as anything better, Pitt. in 7 and alot of early days for me, unless the CBC rolls the game time back for us viewers in the West :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Post by Jelly »

Detroit VS Calgary

Detroit has found a way to win the conference but fall flat on their face in the first round. I just don't see how they can muster enough offence, especially against Kipper.

Flames in 6, winning all 3 games at home, stealing game 2 in Detroit on Double OT.

Anaheim VS Minnesota

Marian has been on fire. Too fast for Pronger IMO. I hope we get to see more then 7 goals in this series. Minny in 7, Lemaire will switch goaltenders atleast once even after the goalie won the last game.

Vancouver VS Dallas

Turco. The monkey will be all over his back. If Lindros even gets to play he'll probably get knocked out the first shift by a Mad Cookie Monster. Will we see Jan Bulis running Turco again? OT OT and more OTs. Our defense will contribute atleast 2 OT goals, and Salo will have atleast one of them, huge slapper, hangs the goat. Vancouver in 5 games, but about 20 periods. Our loss will come when Modano's shot bounces off 3 Canucks and into the net, it's due to happen.

Nashville VS San Jose

Sharks will run them, way too physical for the Preds, expect Kariya and Forsberg to be totally off their game because of all the physical pressure. Thorton and Cheechoo seems to have regained their form from last year, and that's scary. San Jose in a quick.

Buffalo VS New York Islanders

Sabres in 5, Islanders will take game 1 in a hard hitting match, then Sabres will regain their footing after Lindy Ruff roughts them up, and finishes the Isles in 4 quick wins.

New Jersey VS Tampa Bay

Devils in 6, after Tampa gets 2 games lead because the Devils can't muster any offense. Before game 3, Lou will annonce something crazy, and spark the offense. EGG line will go crazy once again and out guns Lecav + St.Lous.

Atlanta VS New York Rangers.

It's time the Rangers will win a series, because they've rid themselves of the mess and never allow anyone to wear that number again. Avery will probably knock someone out and gets a couple games suspended. Rangers in 7.

Ottawa VS Pittsburg.

Crosby show. Emery VS Fleury. Both teams have tremendous offensive depth. But Ottawa's Ottawa, too much CBC attendsion from Bob Cole only means they'll lose in 7.
Jordan Staal will get a short handed goal somewhere in the series, he's just that good.

Vancouver VS Calgary
San Jose VS Minnesota
Buffalo VS Rangers
New Jersey VS Pittsburg

You see, we have to face the Flames, whoever wins always goes to the finals, and we have to get there, right?
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Post by levelheaded »


Wings over Calgary in 6.
The Flames have been playing desperate hockey for a while now, but I just can't imagine the Wings (especially Datsyuk) continuing their recent lack of playoff success.

Wild Over Ducks in 7.
The Ducks are good, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Wild end up in the final four this year.

Canucks over Stars in 7.
This one could go either way, but the Homer in me gives it to Vancouver.

Sharks over Preds in 5.
San Jose appears just seems to have an edge in every category. They should be able to physically manhandle the much smaller Predators all series long.

Buffalo over Islanders in 4
A mismatch. Dubie has been good for the Isles, but no way can they outplay a now almost completely healthy Sabres squad.

Devils over Lightning in 7.
If Tampa had the goaltending they could be a cup contender.

Rangers over Thrashers in 5.
Lehtonen has been inconsistent, and Lundqvist has been on fire since the allstar break. Kovalchuk better prove something in the playoffs because he's been a bit of a no-show all year.

Penguins over Senators in 7.
The Pens are just about the only team I can confidently say will succeed without goaltending. If Fleury gets on any sort of a run, watch out, they'll easily make the conference finals, and most likely more.
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Post by SRsez »

Calgary (yes, SR backing Calgary!) over Detroit. Let's hope Bertz rams Kipper & breaks his collarbone. It still won't be enough for the smoke & mirrors team.

Ducks eliminate Wild. Yay, Canucks won't have to play them.

Sharks over Preds - the Pacific only has two patsy teams to make records look better than they really are, unlike the central, that has 3. Why can't the Canucks get a break like that?

Canucks over Dallas. Or else.

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Post by ververgaert »

Detriot- Calgary

Detriot in a walk. Bertuzzi slaughters all. Wings in 4

Anahiem -Minnesota

Ducks are to much for Mild. Ducks in 5

San Jose-Nashville

Sharks size and physicalityare way too much for Preds to overcome. Sharks in 6

Dallas -Vancouver

Turco stands on his head as does Luongo but Canucks can't score enough. Stars in 5

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Post by Linden Is God »

As quoted from my blog......

Eastern Conference Quarter-finals (First round):

Buffalo Sabres (1) vs. New York Islanders (8)

The Islanders squeaked in by using their 3rd string goaler. This is a team that works hard, and despite having two on the most selfish players in the game (Yashin and Satan) really display what a "team effort" is. Problem with this is that they're meeting up with the top team in the NHL, the Buffalo Sabres. The Sabres also display a "team effort" just as good, if not better, then the Isles. The Sabres can also score out of the wazoo. So I say Sabres in 5.

New Jersey Devils (2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightening (7)

I love the Lightening. I think the world of The Big Three on this team (Lecavalier, St-Louis and Richards) but the Lightening have three problems going into this series. Problem #1 and #2 are their goalers. They are too inconsistent. Problem #3 is that they're playing against Marty Brodeur. I say Devils in 5, with Lecavalier starting showing why he will be the Hart trophy winner in 2008.

Atlanta Thrashers (3) vs. New York Rangers (6)

This is Atlanta's first time in the playoffs and it will be a short one. The Rangers, more specifically Jagr, is focused. I say Rangers in 5 with total domination.

Ottawa (4) vs. Pittsburgh (5)

Mark my words, this will be the most entertaining series of the playoffs. Both teams can score lots of goals and I think it will come down to if Marc-Andre Fleury can save the last shot in order to win. I don't think he can. The Pens will be dominant, but not this year. Senators in 7.

Western Conference Quarter-finals:

Detroit Red Wings(1) vs. Calgary Flames(8):

I could care less about this series. I hate both teams. But they both have amazing goaltending. Still, I think Calrgary's physical pressence is too much for the Wings. The way I look at this, Calgary is too damn good at home, and if it goes to 7, they will win all their home games. So all they have to do is win one on the road. Whereas Detroit needs to win at least 2 in Calgary to win this series and it won't happen. I hate to say this but Flames in 7

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Minnesota Wild (7):

A lot of people are saying Minnesota is a sleeper team. I said so as well until I knew they'd be playing the Ducks. The Ducks have been average lately but will show up focused. I say Ducks in 6.

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. Dallas Stars (6):

This will be a battle between 2 defensive teams. Everyone knows the Canucks are my team, but I really think they can take this series. This the match up I wanted. I think Turco will choke again and Luongo will shine in his first playoff appearance. Canucks in 6

Nashville Predators (4) vs. San Jose Sharks (5):

This could be an exciting series as well, but I have a feeling that the Preds are spent. They're missing Steve Sullivan, and Forsberg has not been playing that well since being traded there. Also the Sharks are rolling, especially Thornton and Cheechoo. I say Sharks in 5.

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Post by reid »

Who cares about the other series? Canucks in 4! Overall, they're in the best shape to thrash just about anyone.

p.s. I'd like to be proven wrong!
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Post by Kel »

Det vs Cal
I think Datsyuk will continue his hot streak into the playoffs. The Flames will play them tough but i think Detroit will prevail. Detroit in 6.

Ana vs Min
It will be a long series if Minnesota takes one of the first two games. Most predict it'll be a close one, so I'll pick Anaheim in 7.

Van vs Dal
Low scoring for sure, but only for the Stars. The Canucks was so sharp against the Sharks, especailly before the physical play picked up (and Dallas won't be as punishing as San Jose), combined with Turco's mental barrier, I think the Canucks will win relatively easily. Vancouver in 5.

Nas vs SJ
Two very similar teams, and you should see a lot of goals, but not because of poor goaltending. The two teams have great scoring threats and relatively inexperienced D, so it should go to game 7. And I have a feeling that Marleau instead of Thornton will show who's the true leader of that team. San Jose in 7.

Buf vs NYI
No contest. The Islanders are just happy to get in, and they'll give their best but after two losses in Buffalo, there's only so much they can do, which is to get one win at home. Buffalo in 5, (or even 4)

NJ vs TB
The Devils will get past the first round, but it won't be an easy one, with the big 3 on the Lightning scoring almost enough to cover for their relatively weak D and goaltending. New Jersey in 7.

Atl vs NYR
The Rangers has been one of the hottest teams lately, especially in the goaltending department, with Lundqvist quietly posting better stats than everyone else in past two months or so. The Thrashers are just happy that they made the playoffs. New York in 6.

Ott vs Pit
It should make for a great series, but home ice will provide the advantage at the end. Ottawa in 7.
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Post by randymeeks »

Detriot- Calgary

Detriot in a walk. Bertuzzi slaughters all. Wings in 4

I'll be shocked if Bertuzzi doesn't send one Calgary Flame defenceman to the hospital with a clean hit along the boards behind Kipper in this series.
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Post by Momesso »

CGY over DET in 6
I think Detroit will choke again in the first round. Flames will turn the physicality up and beat them, with Kipper as the deciding factor.. Bertuzzi vs. Flames D should be great to watch.

ANA over MINNY in 6
Minny has been awesome and so has Backstrom, but Pronger played so well last year (should have won the Conn Smythe) and will do so again. Anaheim will win this series by pushing Minny around (and beating them black and blue).

VAN over DAL in 7
Tough series, homer in me picks Nucks. I think Luongo is the major reason. Dallas has a lot of depth both upfront and on D. Morrow and Modano scare me. But I think the twins will be great too. I just don't see Dallas getting enough goals on Luongo to beat them.

SJ over NASH in 6
San Jose is too big and Nashville has been arguably the weakest West playoff team in recent weeks. SJ's depth and size will be the difference and wear them out over time. Weber is awesome but he won't take Thornton and Marleau this year.

BUFF over NYI in 4
Buffalo is awesome and getting healthy. NYI will be overwhelmed. This could be a sweep. Islanders are spent emotionally too. Do they have anything left?

TB over NJ in 7
Brodeur will hold NJ in it, but unusually, offense will win this matchup of offense vs defense. TB seems to play Jersey well. Lecavalier will have a strong playoff, as will Richards and St. Louis.

NYR over ATL in 6
NYR has more playoff experience and have been red hot. It will be nice to see the Rags in the 2nd round.

PITT over OTT in 7
This should be the best of the bunch. A real pick-em, IMO Ottawa looks like the better team but Ottawa is synonymous with failure, and Crosby looks like a winner. Marc Andre Fleury will be the difference. Could go either way.
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Post by rockalt »

Fun thread and arguably one of the toughest playoffs to predict. The parity in the league this year (particularly in the West) is unreal this year. So many quality teams won't even make it out of the first round. Crazy to think SJ will face Nashville again this year or that Ottawa has to face Pittsburgh in the first round.

Here are mine:

Western Conference

Detroit over Calgary in 6

This is a really even series in terms of pure talent and depth. The Flames definitely have the X-factor in Kipper but something's been off about this team all year long. They are far too streaky and despite having their most talented roster in years, lack that team chemistry that drove them to the '04 finals. Detroit will have to overcome its own playoff demons of the last few years (hello Datysuk) but I think they'll get it done. Bertuzzi was a good pickup and I'm predicting he'll be a major force for Detroit in this playoffs. Even when the guy is not scoring he still brings that physical presence. He'll open up a lot of room for some of Detroit's other scorers. I'm really looking forward to watching this series as I haven't seen big Bert play since he left Vancouver.

Minny over Anaheim in 6

Minny has had the second best record sine Christmas and has an amazing record with Gaborik in the lineup (realistically they would have won the division if he wasn't out for 34 games). Anaheim is solid and big but have been mediocre by their standards since a red-hot start. Giggy's a quality goalie but he'll have to be in '03 playoff form if Anaheim's going to go far. Their scoring is too unpredictable outside of Selanne (what a year he's having).

Van over Dallas in 6

Again this is going to be a tight series. I hate watching Dallas games but it was the matchup I wanted. The pressure is on Turco to prove he's no playoff sieve. Even if does though, he's going to have to outduel Luongo. Could be a great goaltending battle! I'm giving the edge to the Canucks because of home-ice, their streak since Christmas, and pure homerism!

Nashville over San Jose in 7

Nashville's got something to prove and have been slumping of late. Still they got Vokoun healthy this year (unlike last year) so this series should be a lot better than last year's. This one's really tough to call but I'm going with Nashville because of their offensive depth and goaltending. Vokoun has the ability to steal a series.

Eastern Conference

Buffalo over NYI in 4

I actually think the Islanders might win a game but there's always got to be at least one sweep and this is the most likely series to be one. Easiest choice out of the series to predict by a mile.

NJ over Tampa in 6

Tampa's offense is lights out and Lecavalier's a stud. Unfortunately their goaltending looks even worse than Vancouver of 02-03. Weak goaltending has absolutely killed them. I think it could be close but Brodeur's a winner and Denis/Holmqvist are not.

ATL over NYR in 7

Everyone's picking the Rangers and they certainly have been streaking at the right time but Atlanta's also been playing better since the Tkachuk trade. They did manage to regain the division and have more offensive depth. Hossa was always one of the more dangerous Sens forwards in the playoffs... Kovalchuk's a question mark but a player of his talent could outright dominate this series. Should be a good one.

Ottawa over Pittsburgh in 6

All signs point to Pittsburgh. They have been great of late, have come back to beat the Sens (along with several other teams) a number of times and never give up. Plus the Sens are perenial chokers. But things are different this year. The Sens came out slow and contrary to last year are not the most talented team in the league by a wide margin (man oh man, talk about blowing it last year.... no one could come close to their depth and talent). Anyway, a lot of people are probably counting them out this year so I think there's less pressure. Crosby-Malkin and the rest of the prospects are great and only will get more dominant in the future but the X-factor is Fleury. He's just too unpredictable and I'm guessing he's going to have at least one bad game to cost his team the series. This looks like it will be the best series in the East. Really looking forward to watching it. I love watching the Sens play (though not nearly as much as the Canucks of course).
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Post by tantalum »

SRsez wrote:Calgary (yes, SR backing Calgary!) over Detroit. Let's hope Bertz rams Kipper & breaks his collarbone. It still won't be enough for the smoke & mirrors team.
Not sure they are a smolke and mirrors team. People like to point out the Wings beating up on Columbus and the Blackhawks. To a certain extent that is correct. However, the inetersting thing is that the Wings had a 58 % winning percentage against playoff teams this year....That is marginally higher than the flames winning perecntage against NON-playoff teams and a full 11 % higher than the flames winning percentage against playoff teams. Counting OT losses as losses the flames were actually under 0.500 against playoff teams. They seem a much more focused team. A roster without yzerman gone has been forced to look inside themsleves for that leadership. I think they are a team to be reckoned with. Maybe not a Stanley Cup winner but I think there are a good bet to get to the final 4. Better than most bets.

I've heard numerous experts point to the '04 run as evidence for what this flames team can do. Problem with that is there are only 7 or 8 players left from that team. Not to mention a different guy behind the bench. Maybe I'm wrong but i do not like the makeup of the flames team and I do question their character. They've had trouble showing up for meaningful games let alone winning them. Perhaps they can turn it on like a switch but you have to wonder why the hell they wouldn;t have done that the last 20 games of the year.

Sure they had a recent 6 game winning streak, but it was sandwiched between 3 and 4 game losing streaks. They have been wildly inconsistent this year and I just don't see that changing. Gone is any sort of lasting confidence in the defensive aspects of the game and at times I honestly think that at times gone is the confidence that Kiprusoff is going to bail the players out for their mistakes. For the flames to win the series I think Kirpusoff has to steal atleat one of the first two games if not both of them.
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Post by jchockey »

Buffalo Sabres (1) vs. New York Islanders (8)
- Even though Ryan Smyth brings his heart to this series, and you better bet he will, the Sabres are just too deep and talented for the Islanders. The only way the Isles can win is if they grind out the smaller, less gritty Sabres with Smyth, Trent Hunter, and Arron Asham. It won't be enough though. Sabres in 5.

New Jersey Devils (2) vs. Tampa Bay Lightening (7)
- Good goaltending beats good offense anyday. It's essentially Marty Brodeur vs. Tampa's Big 3. Tampa has less depth, goaltending troubles, and a marginally more talented blueline. Devils are proven champions and with Big Lou behind the bench they won't bow out early. Devils in 6.

Atlanta Thrashers (3) vs. New York Rangers (6)

- Lundqvist will bounce back after a bad first year in the playoffs. Kari Lehtonen will see hard times with his first go-round in the playoffs. Kovalchuk will be bumped off his game by Avery - expect Avery to be an unsung hero in the series. Rangers in 6.

Ottawa (4) vs. Pittsburgh (5)

- The key matchup in the East, with two of the most talented teams facing off against each other. Look for Phillips-Volchenkov to see lots of time against Sid the Kid. Goaltending will win this series. Pens blueline is way too inexperienced. Ottawa in 7.

Detroit Red Wings(1) vs. Calgary Flames(8):

- CJarome Iginla is tops in the league in points per game average, and he will turn it on in the playoffs. Pavel Datsyuk will have to prove he's worth the 7-year contract and will need to get the monkey off his back, especially with Zetterberg out and Bertuzzi still battling injuries. I don't see him doing it this year. Jim Playfair is no Darryl Sutter, and will be outcoached by the very good Mike Babcock. Kiprusoff will be the only reason Flames push it to 7. Wings in 7.

Anaheim Ducks (2) vs. Minnesota Wild (7):

- Minnesota's got Demitra out, a key player in Gaborik's success. If Pronger can shut down Gaborik, this series will be short. Anaheim's got the experience on the blueline Minnesota doesn't. Not to mention Gigeure/Bryzgalov is easily the best playoff goaltending tandem this year. Backstrom and Fernandez are still playing goalie roulette. Ducks in 6.

Vancouver Canucks (3) vs. Dallas Stars (6):

- Probably the most boring of the 8 series, but the most well-played as well. Both teams are very disciplined and it comes down to goaltending. The forwards and defense match-up very similarly, but Turco is a notorious playoff choker and Luongo has yet to see a playoff game. I don't see this year being Turco's year, despite a spectacular regular season. Mike Modano, Ladislav Nagy, and Eric Lindros will be non-factors. Canucks in 6.

Nashville Predators (4) vs. San Jose Sharks (5):

- The West's Pitt/Ott matchup, with very talented teams. Forsberg vs. Thornton, Kariya vs. Cheechoo, Marleau vs. Sullivan. The list goes on. Expect Legwand to log loads of ice-time against Marleau and/or Thornton. Teams match-up but Nashville's more talented albeit inexperienced blueline will take it. Preds in 7.
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Post by Kikbutt_10 »

BUF over NYI
NYR over ATL
NJD over TAM
OTT over PIT

DET over CAL
ANA over MIN
VAN over DAL
SJS over NAS
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