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Post by gordorama »

When he had surgery way back when, there was word that Kessler may be ready for the playoffs. Has anybody heard any word on his progress?
Who's spot would he fill? Santala?

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Post by Kikbutt_10 »

I coulda sworn I read somewhere that he's started to skate now, but I could be wrong. He'll probably be back for our stanley cup series for sure though... ;)
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Post by supercanuck »

What about Josh Green? One of them will take Santala's place for sure.

I think Nazzy and Kesler had some good chemistry before he got hurt. It would be great to see if a fully healthy Kesler can light a fire under our captain.
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Post by Soapy »

Green Kessler & before that Rypien have been skatng at 8 rinkks
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Post by sirensong »

Kes should be able to play come playoff time from wat the reports have been. Tho dont expect him to play more than a 4th line checking center role. He wont be at full speed, hes coming off the same type of surgery as Mo and tho he will be great for the PK as usual and his checkin, his offensive game and top speed wont be at 100%.
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