Naslund's Slump

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Post by magnum44 »

IMO Naslund will never be the player he once was. Age and injuries take their toll on everyone and when you're talking about pro athletes the difference between superstar and plugger is very fine, in an absolute sense. He is obviously still trying to do what he can to contribute so I think we should cut him a break. Sure it sucks to be paying him 6mill for 2mill performance, but in previous years he outperformed his paycheque so we can't be too pissed at him. All you can ask is that he does his best and by all accounts he has been so shitting on the guy isn't going to help anything.
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Post by Ropesauce »

Well said Magnum
Another poster reminded us of his Elbow surgery in the summer of '04,perhaps that and father time are the reasons his shot has gone downhill, who knows?

I think we can safely assume that the canucks will never strip the Captaincy from a player ever again after the Messier debacle, so forget about that ever happening.

Naslund has given his heart to the Canucks and as long as the team is winning I think we need to quit complaining and look at the good things he is doing,
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Post by sk8er »

Why do we always have to lock onto something negative about the team?
They are the hottest team since 2007 started, isn't that a good thing?
No! somebody has to pick at something....
OMG, the power play sucks! OMG Naslund isn't scoring a goal a game........
Who the hell cares..............the team is winning!!
Enjoy for once!!!
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Post by Cornuck »

As long as the team's winning like they are, I don't care what Naslund does. For the reasons stated above, he was never positioned to have a great year. Most of us know that from the start. But still, he has done what was asked, and has captained this team into the playoffs. Will he magically 'turn it on' and start scoring through the playoffs? I doubt it - but as long we win our series, neither me nor him will be worried.
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