Article - Reaction and Great News, We Still Have LA's Pick

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Article - Reaction and Great News, We Still Have LA's Pick

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Sopel could barely hide his enthusiasm at the thought of returning to Vancouver - that bodes well for a Canucks team who've had the perfect chemistry all year long.

"My family is very excited, we never wanted to leave Vancouver in the first place," said Sopel. "I'll do whatever the Canucks want me to do."

Smoke - can we use his nickname yet or does he have to score first?

Later on, Smolinski joined the conference after a quick stop at the United Center in Chicago to pick up a few things, and then he told everyone how he felt about being the newest member of the Canucks.

"My reaction to the trade is I'm ecstatic about it - to have a chance to play with a great team and fulfill the expectations this team has..if I can help in any way, I'm ecstatic to be able to do that."

Smolinski was asked how it feels to be leaving Chicago and joining a Canadian team in the thick of a playoff race - much like the races he was in with the Senators in previous years.

"We all know Vancouver is a more beautiful city than Ottawa," he said with a laugh. "To be in the heart of it all in the West excites me very much."

Nonis able to keep pick from Cloutier deal:

By giving up a couple second round picks and a fourth to acquire these depth guys, Nonis didn't feel like he jeopardized the teams future.

"I said all along we would move picks if it was the right thing for our team but we weren't about to gut the draft to do it - and I think it's pretty clear we didn't do that," said Nonis.

"We're still going to have two picks in more than likely the top 35 in this draft, and if you look over the next two drafts, we had four second round picks and now we'll only have two. I'm not too concerned about it."

It sounded like the GM wanted to make sure he gave his players the best chance he could to push for a playoff spot and hopefully go deep in the post-season.

"I want everyone to be able to sleep at night when we're done this year and to say we did all we could to go as far as we could."

I think it's safe to say he's done just that.
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Kudos to DN for making two depth signings (even though I know Sopel will be responsible for at least a dozen cardiac arrests within the GVRD before the season is out) while keeping the LA pick in place.
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I think that sums up how I feel about him retaining LA's pick dontchathink?
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Agreed, well done Nonis. Though Sopel wouldn't have been my first choice, I am warming up to it.

And if Kesler comes back, our team will look great!

Good job Dave!
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Yep, Sopel might be responsible for some give-aways, but I don't think any more so than Rory. As well, he offers a TON more offensively...not to mention his numbers in LA seem to indicate his defensive game has improved (even while being in a Crow system).

I like the moves Nonis has pulled off, keeping in mind that we are still ahead of where we would normally be, as we still have LA's second rounder. We improved the club where it needed improvement, and didn't have to give up huge draft pick packages like Atlanta or Nashville or even San Jose. For a team that has potential to do damage, the biggest risk was overdoing it in a season where we aren't on the brink. I think DN has done everything this team needed him to do, while keeping his eyes on the plan for the future, when this team WILL be in the position of a Nashville or San Jose.
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