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Post by whistler »

I'd be happy getting Allen back regardless of the cost.
We can afford his salary and picks for Allen is a good trade.

Keep in mind that we're building for the Luongo years.
Anything good beyond that is gravy.

You don't want to spend your future to rent an old veteran who may, or may not, work out in the short term.

But a proven, young asset, that can be relied on for the next four years, is more valuable to this organization, at this time, than an unknown pick or prospect.

Unless we know for certain that we've got draft dibs on the next Crosby, Ovechkin or Phauneuf...go ahead and spend the farm for a good young player that we do know.

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Post by Jelly »

Allen, Gelinas and a 5th rounder for a 3nd rounder, Edler, and future coinsiderations (if both Allen and Gelinas resigns, it upgrades to a 2nd rounder.)

sounds fair to me.

we have 3 second round draft choices, a 3rd rounder going away i would't mind.

since Allen would be returning, Edler is expendable, as Bourdon is our prime prospect at defense.

or maybe one of our goaltender prospects.. u know.. Belfor's gonna have to retire SOME DAY.

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Post by Fred »

The last thing I would do is let Edler go, IMO the next Ohlund type player for this team. I think he'llearn a full time spot next season and hopefully Bourdon will also play to which leaves the question after Fitzpatrick leaves who else follows ? and if they bring in Allen then what. Both Edler and Bourdon are attractive with thier Salary Cap impact. Krajicek is a RFA and then Bulis, Fitz, Flaherty, Santala, are all URFA, Do you put Schnieder in the AHL and keep Sabourin. Kesler is an URFA to but I assume they will either work some thing out or trade for a similar asset. Salo does he sign or not, he's getting older and has a histroy with injuries.

I think DN has to have his "nest season " plan in mind when he starts lookin for pick ups at the deadlione

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Post by MarkMM »

I wouldn't give up on Krajicek, given where he is in his career, his age and the fact that he came over from Europe, he isn't bad and he's only getting better. He's cheap, has offensive potential, and with coaching, can be relied upon defensively.

Definitely wouldn't trade away Edler, we were lucky to find him and even with Bourdon, you want to build not only depth but talented depth, it took us this long to finally start developing a stockpile of prospects, you don't move them out the door as soon as you find them.

As for Allen, I'd love him back now only if we can get some assurance we can get him long-term, if he's going to cost more than a second-rounder. Otherwise, pick up something lower-end, and then go after him in the off-season. Right now, our defense is injury-prone, and he's the kind of guy you want to take into the playoffs with you. After this year, it's likely we'll lose Salo, so using Salo's $ to lock up Allen and then bringing in Koltsov to replace the lost offense would be the ideal plan for me (short of re-signing Salo, but not sure how affordable he'll be).

Ohlund - Allen
Mitchell - Koltsov
Krajicek - Bieksa

...or some combination thereof.

Farhan Lalji

Post by Farhan Lalji »

Jelly wrote:Allen, Gelinas and a 5th rounder for a 3nd rounder, Edler, and future coinsiderations (if both Allen and Gelinas resigns, it upgrades to a 2nd rounder.)

sounds fair to me.
That would be a sweet deal if Nonis could pull it off. 8-) I've always loved Gelinas (non-gay way obviously), and would love to see Allen back as well.

Allen would be a great #5 d-man, and could easily fill in on the top 4 if someone got hurt. With Bieksa's ever-increasing hockey responsibilities, Allen can also be used to drop the gloves when things get rough.

I heard some Brent Sopel rumors. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather have Allen than Sopel. Sopel has flashes of brilliance, but makes too many mistakes.

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Post by Momesso »

With Edler playing as well as he is, that deal might just work, but I think the Panthers might want even more to part with the only player from the deal pulling a regular shift....

And FL, IMHO Krajicek won't be anything more than a 5/6 guy his whole career. He could be a top for on a CBJ, but not for a winner. I have yet to see any significant display of talent (in either zone) from this guy.

Even Sopel, for all his playoff uselessness, at least he racked up points in the regular season, he was helpful on the PP.
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