Ray Emery - My New Personal Jesus

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Re: Ray Emery - My New Personal Jesus

Post by SRsez »

Meerschaum wrote:Look for McGratton and Neil to pull a Bertuzzi on Briere and end his career in the rematch. Ruff will have noone to blame but himself.
So you mean something good might come out of this? Briere is a knockoff of Ruff: One's a steaming pile of shit, the other's just a little skidmark.
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Post by Delray »

No way was it a clean hit. Wonder if the league will step upor hide like they have done in the past. As for going after the goalie? He should be marked. Ruff did what any coach should have done.

Anybody remeber the time when some drunk came out of the stands and took on the Sabres bench? I think Ruff was a player then.
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Post by Farhan Lalji »

Delray wrote:No way was it a clean hit.
The hit, while not being "clean", was still perfectly legal IMO. Lindy Ruff is a bastard though. I wouldn't be surprised if the Sabres returned the favour on someone like Spezza tonight.
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Post by SRsez »

Ruff gets a $10,000 fine. Should've been 5+ games for a repeat offender.
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Post by Bartman »

Farhan Lalji wrote: I wouldn't be surprised if the Sabres returned the favour on someone like Spezza tonight.
I expect pay back but not tonight with the league watching closely. I think the next time they meet will be the fireworks.

Either way I'll be following tonights game.
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Post by ververgaert »

I enjoyed watching Peters punch Emery in the head. This guy just slashed another dude in the head with his goalstick and then punched out a skinny wimp in Biron and was acting all cool, then Peters put him back in his place with a nice bitch slapping. It was cool.
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Post by supercanuck »

Bartman wrote:Either way I'll be following tonights game.
Anyone know if the game's on TV tonight.

CBC has the game as Ottawa region only. :(

Tensions will be high when the Ottawa Senators host the Buffalo Sabres Saturday (CBC, 7 p.m. ET — Ottawa region only).

http://www.cbc.ca/sports/hockey/story/2 ... abres.html
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Post by West Coast Jets Fan »

mattola wrote:. Its mind boggling that someone can compare this to moore hitting naslund. really.
I used the Naslund hit as a comparison to this only to show that anytime a"superstar" from a home city gets hit when he's vulnerable by a "lesser" player.....the fans go mental.
And as the Naslund hit is the only time in recent years when a Canuck superstar was hit and knocked out in a similar fashion.....it was all that was available from the vault. Perhaps some of the more knowledgeable posters here could give me a better example to have used.

As this happened in Buffalo and arguably to lesser known star, it's debatable whether its good or dirty. I guarantee, if Henrik or Daniel got hit with a "good check" and were put out.....the fans on this forum and city would be looking for suspensions.

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Post by Larionov »

West Coast Jets Fan wrote:" a good clean check"......maybe from the Steve Moore highlight reel....Drury may have been admiring his float pass, but that was hardly clean......its almost a full 2 seconds after he dumps it, and Neil comes from the other side of the ice.
They have timed it, and it was actually 0.4 seconds. That's basically instantaneous. Not only was Drury still the puckcarrier at the time, but Neil did not bring up his elbow or his forearm -- that was all shoulder. You take that hit out of hockey, and you've got an Oldtimers' League game. Buffalo's reaction to the hit was pretty lame when you consider that Brian Campbell laid an identical hit on R.J. Umburger in the playoffs last year. Funny how the Sabres' owner didn't write a letter to Bettman about that one.
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