Coloumbe ... liability or weapon?

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Coloumbe ... liability or weapon?

Post by yammi » Thu Nov 23, 2006 7:29 pm

There seems to be quite a range of feelings about the current value of Patrick Coloumbe to the Canucks.

Personally, I think he is in way over his head and (I never thought I would say this) I'm starting to look forward to Fitzpatrick's return (if it means that Coloumbe is no longer in the line up).

On the other hand, it seems that people (some folks on the board, and at least one of Vigneault / Nonis) just love what the guy brings to the team and the power play ... like he's some kind of power play specialist who really helps the team.

I think it's just the opposite ... for all the claims about his offensive smarts, I think he messes up the rythym of the power play.

If Vigneault thinks it's that important to have a guy leave his position on the point in order to go into the slot for a backdoor pass, then why not use Morrison or someone else who at least has some scoring touch?

In the meantime, his PP strategy forces Salo to move to the centre of the blueline, which really detracts from his lethal point shot and also means that many more pucks are not being kept in at the points.

Coloumbe playing 5-on-5 really looks like a junior A player who is outmatched by larger NHL-calibre guys.

Just my opinion ... perhaps I'm wrong and Coloumbe really is going to be a key contributor to future team success ... but I only see him as a liability.

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Post by Kowch » Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:08 pm


The sooner he's gone, the better IMO. A totally one dimensional player.

Scratch that... a totally one play player (PP only).

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Post by Sid Dithers » Thu Nov 23, 2006 8:42 pm

It won't take long to figure out he's clearly a liability. There's a reason the NHL isn't loaded with 5'9" defencemen.
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Post by ClamRussel » Fri Nov 24, 2006 5:46 am

I think he shows promise....lets not forget the kid is just out of junior.
This is a good experience for him but he clearly needs a couple years in the minors.
Being 5'9 isn't a liability if he can eventually develop like Rafalski did.....took him a long time to eventually crack the bigs.

Shame Koltsov isn't available....I think he'd really help this squad.
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Post by tantalum » Fri Nov 24, 2006 6:26 am

The difference with Raflaski though is that Rafalski is quite stocky and is 190 lbs. Coulombe may never going to hit the 170lbs mark.

But he does show promise. The one thing I'd liek to see from him is to hold back just a second longer when he goes to the net on the PP. He's getting in a little too tight a little too fast. He's also doing it a little too often that the opposition often gets an easy clear. But I like his offensive instincts. Hopefully they can teach him some defence because if not he won't be around long.

Koltsov...Wouldn't it be great to have Salo re-signed and Koltsov come over? Ohlund, MItchell, Salo, Koltsov, Bieksa, Krajicek.

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Post by MarkMM » Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:36 am

He's a liability right now, but I do think he's shown promise, certainly something to work with for someone who by all accounts shouldn't even have had a sniff of the NHL, and while he makes mistakes, he's shown some offensive potential. I do think he's a band-aid right now in management's position, I'd imagine Cooke or Bulis is on the trade block right now, and a top 4 d-man is on our shopping list.

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Post by Arbour » Fri Nov 24, 2006 9:03 am

Coulombe while not a physical presence certainly isn't conspicuous by his repeated mistakes. The two on one against Nashville might have been played better, but the last defenceman isn't going to break up the pass every time, and frankly the goal was pretty much a combination of errors starting from Salo's questionable decision to pinch at the opposition blue line.

As far as the power play goes Coulombe on more than one occasion has managed to manoeuvre himself open through the slot, while the puck carrier (usually a Sedin) holds the puck halfway up the right wing boards, and the pass just isn't made. For whatever reason the preference seems to be to repeatedly try and make the play down low toward the goal mouth, which has become more than predictable, as has the endless cycle. For whatever reason the Canucks don't seem to want to utilize the slot (and that applies to more than just Coulombe).

In today's NHL the key to defence is positioning, which is dependent upon the defenceman's ability to skate and/or read the play. Coulombe isn't doing to badly for a kid right out of junior. His passing is more than adequate, and he more often than not gets his shot on the net. I certainly wouldn't give up on him just yet. Given the lack of offensive talent on this team, when Fitzpatrick comes back, I'd like to see a Scott Walker experiment with Coulombe, with him playing some shifts on the forward line.

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Post by mr perfect » Fri Nov 24, 2006 1:44 pm

Right now Coulombe is a liability. He's not playing much 5 on 5 and I believe the other defencemen are fatigued by playing extra minutes to cover than time. From what I've seen Edler is better and more capable of being the 6th D-man than either Rory the All-Star or Coulombe. If the Canucks had better forwards then they could play with 11 forwards and 7 D-men with Coulombe coming out on the PP and the odd shift as he does now. But they don't so he's better off perfecting his craft and becoming a better all-around player in the AHL.

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