Have the Canucks seen the last of .500?

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Sid Dithers
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Have the Canucks seen the last of .500?

Post by Sid Dithers » Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:36 am

After this game against Calgary, the Canucks are now 8-9-1. Some of the ugly numbers include:
- they've gone 6 straight games now without scoring more than 2 goals in a game.
- in the 18 games so far, they've won only 4 in the regulation 60 minutes.
- Luongo's (AKA The Saviour) save percentage is perilously close to falling below .900.
- the Canucks are 28th in the NHL in GF/game.
- the Canucks are 26th on the PP.
- in the 18 games, the Canucks only have 6 forwards who have scored more than 1 goal.
- the Canucks highest-paid player, Naslund, is on a pace to score 54 points this season.
- one-time WCE member Brendan Morrison is on a pace to score 36 points.
Facing this grim list of evidence, my question is simple: Will the Canucks ever see the .500 mark again? Detroit is up next, and I don't like the Canucks' chances here. A potential respite is in the making afterward, as St. Louis and Chicago drop by. But then its back to the road in Detroit, Nashville and Colorado. Being that it took 95 points to capture 8th place in the Western Conference last season, I won't ask for the moon and the stars quite yet. But what about seeing .500 again? And by extension, how would you feel about an 82-point season?
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sic puppy
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Post by sic puppy » Sun Nov 12, 2006 1:16 pm

More to the point, what were your expectations of the team being a .500 team at the beginning of the year, and has your opinion changed?

A .500 team would be 10 points below the point total of last years "disaster". That would total 5 wins or any combination of wins and overtime losses.

IMO going into the season there were many unknowns about this team. 10 less points than last year wasn't unreasonable IMO.

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Post by Canuck-One » Sun Nov 12, 2006 5:27 pm

There is certainly a sense of despair falling on some Canuck fans. I have previously stated that I view this as a rebuilding year and as such I would be happy with a .500 season and delighted if we made it into 8th place. Our team is in the process of changing into a defense first philosophy and as such we can forget the 50 goal seasons and instead concentrate on more of the 2 to 1 yawners. Chicago is having trouble generating offence, as is Ottawa, I think at this point we should be looking to trade Morrison for Seabrook or maybe even Phillips. Anyway fans we aren't going to win the cup this year so sit tight and see how DN manipulates this team with a trade here and there into a defensive force that one day could seriously challenge for it all. This season is simply step one in the process.

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Post by Tukaram » Sun Nov 12, 2006 7:21 pm

I guess the better-than-expected start got people's hopes up.

This team isn't a serious Cup contender just yet, although the season's only about 25% over; far too soon to write them off.

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