Some Observations Post-Ovechkin

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Luc is probably going to stay. Yes, he's only going to see 6-8 minutes a game, but he's a rookie, and that's what rookies do, fight for the 6/7 positions.

He wasn't playing garbage minutes, either. There were actually times when I questioned whether AV should have him on the ice at that particular time, and know what? He wasn't a problem any of them.

Junior isn't the place for him, and the experience he's gaining will be apparent at game 60, when he might have to step it up for an injury to someone else. Unless Mitchell is back, he will see regular action, and that's a good thing.

WCE, I simply can't agree he isn't playing enough. Against Washington, I'd have to say he played just about the perfect amount. He is a rookie, remember. He had some mobility problems, but he's still a lanky 19 year old, playing against the best players in the world. Don't panic yet, he's learning & adjusting, and I don't think you can crtique the pace of that progression.

You'd think you guys saw Bryan Allen step in as a #4 or something!?! These things take time, unless you're a stupendous talent, which Bourdon isn't.

And yes, we have Robbie Luongo to fix a lot of his mistakes anyway.

But having Bieksa step up to bona fide NHLer is one of the best things of the season so far.
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