Taylor Pyatt- good signing?

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Post by cerios »

A couple of things, first clearly the Sedins were a huge part of Ansons success. I don't really think there was alot debate on that subject really. However it should be noted that to a large extent Anson layed down the framework of how to play with the Sedins, if anyone doesn't think that Pyatt has watched film of Anson last year they are kidding themselves.

Having said that Pyatt has more talent then Carter (not much more) but hes nowhere near the class of Bertuzzi. Bert had some "Bertesque" moments on the island before he got here, Pyatt hasn't shown anywhere near the hands or physical presence for that matter. But he does have the potential to become a poor mans Bert (Think Tocchet to Bertuzzi's Cam Neely).

And for some reason I get this notion that Bertuzzi has it in his head that hes coming back here next year. Bertuzzi's a very emotional guy and I get the idea that he feels he kind of screwed the city of Vancouver and has unfinished business here. Weather that feeling survives a season of the Florida sun and chicks we will see.
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Don't think Bert actually believes that... he just made a throwaway joke to a reporter that got blown out of proportion. He knows it would be weird as hell and that the team doesn't have the cap room in any event.
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Remembering what little I do about Bert's last contract negotiation, I think Bert has a very high opinion of what he's worth in this league. I don't see him taking a significant pay cut to play here, no matter what 'unfinished business' he may have here.
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Post by cerios »

First off Bert doesn't make throwaway statements, second I got that feeling before that statement was ever made. I understand what your saying and I doubt he comes back simply because as with most emotional guys he will calm down and let the past slip quickly. In fact I could easily see him retiring after this season. But something I don't think many people get is how attached to the city they play in certain types of players get, prime examples of those types of players are Bert and Jovo.

As for Berts opinion of himself, its the same opinion that the majority of the league had of him, that if he wasn't the best power forward in the league then he was the 2nd best. He got payed a million less then the only guy people argue is better and quite frankly a motivated Bert was always the best power forward in the league.
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Post by Munchkin »

Back on topic...

I think Pyatt has the potential to be a 2nd line version of Bertuzzi.
Its the same package basically:
Size with decent speed and hands.
(I cant for the life of me understand why people call him slow.
Hes not fast by any standards but for a man hes size hes a great skater.)

I don't see the comparison to Anson Carter tho... Anson's goals were tap ins 9 outta 10.
Pyatt has already put in some sweet wristers to the upper corners.
Guaranteed he probably never would have gotten off a shot on open ice in the slot
with out the Sedins play making and cycle game , but I still (so far) like what he can bring to the table alot more than what A.Carter ever did.

Now if he starts throwing hes weight around consistently like he did against Washington...
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Post by Madcombinepilot »

I don't see the comparison to Anson Carter tho... Anson's goals were tap ins 9 outta 10.
tap in or garbage 33 outta 33.

Last year, Ansons longest goal: 11 feet - and it wasn't a shot.

Deflected in. Henrik missed Daniel on the slap pass, and accidentally hit Carter...
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