Baumgartner and two other Flyers on waivers

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Post by ClamRussel » Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:32 pm

Harold wrote:
rikster wrote:
What off the mark things have you said about Reid and Fedorov? How about all of them? Well for one you were the biggest grandstander for both players
Excuse me Harold, but I was a bigger fan of those two players than Clam was....

Clam just agreed with me.... :D

Regarding Fedor Fedorov, it was Burkey who said he was the third most talented player in the Nucks system so we all deserve a mulligan on that one...

Regarding Reid, let the season play out before you rush to judge Clams comments regarding him....

Regarding Clams take on the Nucks blue line situation, I disagree with him as well on almost every point but in that no harm, no foul...

Take care...
Ouch! It is possible that I confused some of Rikster's past comments about Fedorov with Clam's. Clam, I apologize for that.

Though my assessment of Fedorov and Reid still stands: both career minor-leaguers at best.
Well I was just about to rip you a new one after your previous post but then I saw this and simmered down a bit. ;) I've been a big supporter of Reid's ever since I saw him at rookie camp following his draft. The clock is a ticking but he's still got a chance, we'll see how this year plays out. I have to admit it doesn't look good right now. As for Fedorov, I remember also seeing him at a rookie camp and was blown away by his size, skating & shot.....he put a puck off the crossbar w/ a slapshot from the other end of the ice. But...then I saw him play w/ the Canucks....I also saw an intersquad game where Tyler Bouck wanted to kill him (& said things referring to the previous year in Manitoba) and then came all the off-ice problems (sleeping in at camp etc) and its fair to say I was never a supporter of Fedorov's whatsoever. He didn't have an ounce of Reid's heart or hockey thats why your comments puzzled me. I only found him intriguing for the same reasons Burke did....immense potential but you just knew he was bankrupt inside ie NO chance of playing in the bigs. I saw him as a poor man's Pavel Brendl if you can imagine that. :lol: It should be noted that the same camp where Bouck went after Fedor was when I became an Alexandre Burrows fan (so I'm not always out to lunch when I root for underdog prospects 8-) ). That was 3 or 4 yrs ago now and I think Burrows has done mighty fine for himself....he was a tryout camp walkon w/o contract.

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