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MarkMM wrote:
Harold wrote:I heard, though I haven't confirmed it, that Coloumbe had already signed a 2-year contract with the Moose. Coloumbe had another great game last night, and the goal he scored against Roloson was a pretty one. Also, he played 25 minutes last night, which indicates management wants to take a long hard look at him.
I say keep him as a 6/7 and send Bourdon back to the Q for a year.
So something like this?

Ohlund - Salo
Mitchell - Krajicek
Bieksa - Coloumbe

Good thing Bieksa is tough, because at that size, Coloumbe is going to need the protection. But it does give a two-way dimension to all our pairings.
I actually like that alot....but wouldn't be surprised to see Coulombe upseat Krajicek if he continues to produce.
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I have to say the more I see of Kraijcek the more he seems to be coming on. When the P/P gets used to him keep sneaking in for the back door play he's going to put some numbers up.

Funny thing is on the P/P at this time AV has Naslund and Henrik together and they both play the same spot, on the half board, strange
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