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Post by MarkMM » Thu Sep 21, 2006 9:34 am

SRsez wrote:Okay, let's clear up something here. A player on a "one-way" contract, to my understanding, is paid a single wage, regardless of whether he plays in the NHL or AHL. He is not guaranteed a spot on the NHL roster. Sure he may or may not be subject to waivers, but that doesn't mean he can't be sent down.

Now I'm not suggesting that could be the case with Kesler, but it could definitely be the case for quite a few of these marginal guys with that kind of deal. We know the Canucks are making money. I am willing to assume Winnipeg is doing likewise. Would it be so bad to pay a guy $450k to play in Winnipeg, or lose him to waivers(assuming it applies, and I'm not sure who that does or does not cover)?

It's not a great solution, but it definitely means the cap is avoidable with the talent we have right now.
It's definitely an option they have in their back pocket, but I'd imagine that they'd want to avoid it if possible.

Does anyone know who pays the bills for Moose players? Do the Moose with Canuck contracts get the tab picked up by us, or do those on the Moose roster get paid by the Moose, regardless of ownership of rights? If that's the case, then would the Moose pay up to a certain amount, and if it's over a certain amount, the Canucks pick it up?

What would make sense to me would be that two-way contracts on the Moose get paid by the Moose, but if they're a one-way deal, then we pick up the tab, I just don't know...

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