Luongo's New Mask

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What do you think of Luongo's New Mask?

I like it
I don't like it.
Total votes: 31

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Post by *CanucksForLife* »

I think it's the colours...but it looks like an Avs mask. But it's still not that bad.
I Hart Luongo.
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Post by Media_Man »

My top 10 masks in no particular order in the past number of years.

1)Ed Belfour's original Chicago Blackhawks Eagle Mask.
2)Brian Hayward's San Jose Shark's mask
3)Corey Hirsch's Canucks "Psycho" mask
4)Steve Shields Boston "Gerry Cheevers Tribute" Mask
5)Sean Burke's Phoenix Rock n Roll mask featuring Slash and Jimmy Page
6)Manny Legace's Detroit Octapus Mask
7)Patrick Lalime's Ottawa Marvin the Martian Mask
8)Olaf Kolzig's Washington Godzilla Mask
9)Nikolai Khabiboulin's Tampa Bay "Boulin Wall" Mask
0)And going old school, Gerry Cheevers "Stitches" Mask, and Mike Palmateer's Maple Leaves Mask
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Post by steeda3 »

I really don't care, as long as his overrated and overpaid ass can stop some pucks.
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Post by gmisinthegarage »

steeda3 wrote:I really don't care, as long as his overrated and overpaid ass can stop some pucks.
I don't know about you but I still have yet to see him play a full game. He has only played Preseason games and ONLY 2 Games and those two games he only Played 30 MINUTES each.

People step away from the "Panic Button". Let him at least play one game at GM Place.
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