Gary Glitter and the NFL.

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Larry Goodenough
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Gary Glitter and the NFL.

Post by Larry Goodenough »

I am extremely pleased to learn today the NFL has urged all it's teams to stop playing Rock and Roll part 2 at any games. It's not surprising the best run league is the first to do so.

If you aren't aware, Gary Glitter is a self confessed repeat child molester who recently was caught molesting underage girls in Cambodia. He also spent time in British prisons for what he confessed to doing.

Each time his song is played in a public place - he gets a cheque in the mail.

I urge all NHL teams to also ban this song. The last thing this guy should be getting is royalty cheques. But then again, we're dealing with a league and union that let David Frost roam around without anyone getting after him.

If the Canucks play this song at their games - please raise a stink. If you hear it during road games, please bother the team with emails. I know Colorado was playing it endlessly last year.
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Linden Is God
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Post by Linden Is God »

I'm pretty sure the league made this request a few years ago when he was first busted.
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Post by kwinz »

Right on!

Let's get worked into a huge fuss about this. Gary Glitter is a MONSTER! Then we can all pretend that child molestation and child pornography is inhuman and is some evil abomination alien from human nature. We can prove to ourselves that we could never be like him by hating his music.

. . .

Go stuff your BS morality. The song is great to play at the games and this guy did write it, no matter what else he's done.

I mean, this is even worse than the Todd Bertuzzi stuff... What do people prove by arguing that Todd Bertuzzi should be banned from hockey for life, and other things like that? At least people saying that can say that Bert hit Moore during an actual hockey game and allowing him to continue playing is saying it's tolerable, or call for some "eye for an eye" justice in light of Moore's continuing injury.

But this song has nothing to do with child molestation at all and we're just kidding ourselves if we think we're somehow "punishing" him by refusing him his royalties from plays at sporting events.

Besides, the Canucks (and I can only assume other NHL teams) have already have stopped playing it years ago. I certainly haven't heard it in the last few years, and it used to be played all the time.
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Post by Tukaram »

Now if they'd just add We Will Rock You and Welcome To the Jungle to the "banned" list. ;)

There are tons of great songs they could play to get the crowd worked up, but instead they keep trotting out the chestnuts. :mex:
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Post by Meerschaum »

Whoa, whoa, whoa . . .

Are you implying that there are actually over-aged whores in Southeast Asia???


That's a tectonic shift in thinking about travel in South-East Asia.

Hmmn. Lemme think about this. Sex in southeast Asia with somebody who isn't a young teenager.


You know the possibility never really crossed my mind.

Still, I guess it might work.

So, where would you find an over-aged whore in Phnom Penh, anyways? ;)
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Post by SRsez »

Real hockey fans refuse to listen to the Idiot(tm)
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