Pavel Bure

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Sid Dithers
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Post by Sid Dithers » Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:15 am

I almost resent the #96 Bure. That's Pavel with ego and me-first attitude. I'd soured on him somewhat by that point. But #10 Bure was a goal-scoring wizard who was a joy to watch. He scored amazing goals.
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Post by ClamRussel » Sat Sep 23, 2006 10:51 am

Agreed, those were the days. Going to 96 was for some reason the begining of the end.

The problem was, Quinn should have built the team around Pavel plain & simple. He had a choice to pick up Adam Oates but balked at the Bruins demands for Holden & Schaefer (or was it Girard?). Lot of good that did us. Remember what Oates did for Hull & Neely...Bure never had that premiere set-up man and had to do it all himself. At the very least Quinn shouldn't have let Larionov go...could have been a difference maker the following spring in the finals.

Farhan Lalji

Re: Pavel Bure

Post by Farhan Lalji » Sun Sep 24, 2006 3:09 pm

lil-scarface wrote:Is it wrong for me to love this guy, because i think he is absolutely amazing
Pavel Bure was my favorite Canuck of all-time. Not only was he the most exciting Canuck IMO, but he was also the best (IMO, better than Naslund). The reason why I'd rather have Bure at his peak rather than Naslund, was because Bure knew how to elevate his game come crunch time.

In 94', Pavel Bure was an absolute MONSTER almost every time he stepped on the ice. He had a major presence. In comparison, I don't think Naslund has that. Naslund's game doesn't go down in the playoffs, but I don't see a signficant elevation or presence either.

I also think Bure was unfairly treated when he was in Vancouver. Management never backed him when (ridiculous) rumours surfaced that Bure was willing to sit-out in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. Bure had requested to be traded quite a few times, and all this was ignored by mangement.

In 96' when Bure came back from his major knee surgery and suffered whiplash the 1st game of the season (nagged him all season), he was crucified all season long by the media.

During the 97/98 season, Bure returned to his old goal scoring ways. Although he did act pretty selfishly that year (I think its' debatable as to whether he was justified in doing that), Bure once again silenced all the critics. In the off-season, Bure once again requested to be traded...and it was ignored.

As his last resort, Bure decided to sit-out until he was traded. I don't blame the guy for doing that one bit.

So, IMO, Bure was the greatest Canuck of all-time.

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