Burrows re-signed for cheap....King walks....

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Burrows re-signed for cheap....King walks....

Post by nuxfanindallas » Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:58 am


Hey guys,

Been reading the board daily for over a year now....much better than the idiot posts at canucks.com.

Anyway, looks like Burrows has re-signed on the cheap--one way for three years at 1.5 total.....Burrows obviously wants some kind of security (considering he was playing in the ECHL so recently and a guy like that would love the guaranteed money), and the Canucks get a high energy guy at essentially no risk with some (albeit limited) upside. If he has a great year, which for him is probably 15-20 goals at best, they won't have to give him some big raise. I like the deal.

And Jason King has apparently walked out of rookie camp after balking at the Canucks most recent contract offer. He's probably ticked that he's in rookie camp in the first place (although that's where I'd put him), and I'll bet they offered him a two-way contract. IMHO, I think he's an idiot. Suck it up and prove your worth. He's got a golden opportunity here and to walk out because your pride's taken a little bit of a hit is childish. Hopefully the reports are inaccurate or they'll let him come back....we'll see.

Anyway, there are a ton of good posters here, and I look forward to conversing with yall more frequently....

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