If Crawford gets fired, Who should be the next Coach?

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If Crawford goes, who should be the next Canucks Coach

Pat Quinn
Andy Murray
Duane Sutter
Ted Nolan
Don Hay
Mike Johnston
Stan Smyl
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Post by Grizzly »

Nolan has been out of the picture (at least the NHL level) for a while now ... things have changed a bit ... do you think that he still has what it takes to be a good coach in the NHL?? How are players like Bert going to work for him ? Is he going to be able to stand up to some of our internal pressures.

I would think Andy Murray would be a good fit .... but I am closely watching that Philadelphia/Buffalo series .... my bet is that Hitch is gone if Buffalo wins it ... I would for sure consider him then as I review resumes.


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Post by tantalum »

Nolan is a good coach. He has done a good job with moncton and he is definitely looking to get back into the NHL. But his transgressions when he was young 37/38 year old second year coach who thought he knew everything is going to haunt him. It is going to have to be a very secure GM that hires him (i.e. a guy who is also team president and holds considerable power). Eventually that day will come for him. I don't think the offer will be from an essentially rookie GM who may be on fairly shakey ground to begin with.

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Post by Rising Sun Canuck »

The Sun had a good article today about the 3 WHL coaches and how they aren't clamoring. to get to the NHL. So it looks like Hay, Constatine and Sutter won't be the Canuck's new bench boss- at least that is the impression they are giving.

http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... ef45e12f45

One candidate that hasn't been mentioned is Marc Habscheid and he has stated he is very int rested in the Canucks job.

http://www.canada.com/vancouversun/news ... faa58a46b4

What do you think of Habscheid as our new coach?

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Post by Media_Man »

It's not going to be Andy Murray. In fact, I'd be ultimately shocked if it was. Look for Alain Vigneault, Don Lever, Kevin McCarthy, Mike Johnston, and whoever gets fired after the first round of the playoffs, to be the front runners.

From what I hear, Murray is as much a slave driver as some coaches, and lost his players with his constant calls for meetings, pre-meetings, and pre-pre meetings to set up the first meeting. Players were bored of his antics.
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Post by stevethiessen »

What about Lewis? Why is no one talking about him? Above anyone else he knows the framework of a system (you don't hang out with Bowman for so long and not have anything rub off on you), and I think would jump at another chance.

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Post by Fred »

Watching the Sens game last night reminded me that John Paddock is an assistant there. He was a head coach and a highly touted one at that some years ago. Maybe he's ready to give it another try

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Post by magnum44 »

What about Lewis? Why is no one talking about him? Above anyone else he knows the framework of a system (you don't hang out with Bowman for so long and not have anything rub off on you), and I think would jump at another chance.
I think he is probably one of the leading candidates myself. Lots of experience on winning teams, former player, worked with some great minds in Detroit, "players" coach. Didn't meet expectations in Detroit but I think he should be ready for another chance. They were talking about him on a sportshow the other day and mentioned that one of the reasons for his "failure" in Detroit (aside from running into hot goalies in the POs) was that it is hard to go from assistant to head coach on the same team.

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Post by SRsez »

It better not be Vigneault, unless we want a worse season than the one we already went through. Not this team, market or time.

It can't be a junior coach, or first timer. Who else can grab the spotlight, and straighten out the first line?

I like Lewis too, but not sure about his ability to be the boss of this team. Hitch would be better, IMO. But heck, the best guy for the job is Quinn. That's so damn painful.

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