Can we overcome this adversity? Will we make it?

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Will our Canucks make the Playoffs?

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coulda shoulda woulda

Post by 36yearman » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:42 am

I have watched and cheered for this team since the first day they came into the league. Each year, ever hopeful and some good runs in the playoffs, but infrequent.There is a marked difference between this team and the teams of just 2-3years ago. Certainly we have had a run of bad luck with Jovo/Salo gone, and although never a big fan of cloutier, you can throw that in the mix. For the Sedins, a break out year finally. I believe they will get even better. There does not appear to be the intensity, the excitement of winning that you could see in their faces three years and four years back when they were close to rising to the cream of crop of teams in the league. The defence has been bolstered with some grit, which is good, for i beileve the McCarthy experiment was long overdue to get rid of him. He brings little to the table as far as grit, and his offensive prowess, over rated. He will eventually get shopped right out of the league. Baumgarnter was and has been a career minor leaguer, nothing more than that. Been around 9 years with 108 pro games in the NHL. A salary move here. Cooke is over rated for his money, i would rather have Artem Chubarov any day., at least he has some skill. You've got Ruutu to play that role of pest. Sorry folks, T Linden is past his prime. He has had a great career and can be counted to crank it up a notch come playoffs, but they aren't going to make it, do the math. Ten games left. Big Bert, time for a change of scenery and take your funk with you. For a guy who scored 46 goals with 2 guys riding his back all the time, with the rule changes he should have 92, but that intensity has gone, sure the off ice stuff can be blamed, but hey, we all have to move on. It's over. Morrison has to go, just too streaky and a poor face off man. Kesler will get even better. Umberger was a mistake to not sign, he is going to blossom into a goal scorer, he was in high school and in college. The burrows, the kings, the greens, the boucks are all plug and play types. If you are using that to fill out spots, then get some kids, with some real whl grit, spit and a bit of splash on your team.. Crow? Maybe too, a coach only has a shelf life of so long. Kariya would have helped this team, especially down the center. For a million bucks and options. INstead we gave it all to cooke. Already Burke haas been at work transforming Anaheim, time will tell if NOnis learned anything at his knee. The farm team is bare, don't count on anything from there. another would, coulda shoulda year.

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Re: coulda shoulda woulda

Post by the Cunning Linguist » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:48 am

36yearman wrote:Kariya would have helped this team, especially down the center. For a million bucks and options. INstead we gave it all to cooke.
DId you mean Steve Kariya? :) Paul's salary this year was $4.5M. He would have undoubtedly have helped the cause but not at that price. Although, take Matt Cooke and Brendan Morisson out, and maybe you might have had something.

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Post by xo0tinkerbell0ox » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:44 pm

We dont have many games, less than most teams and we need to win a majority of them to make the play-offs, but I'm confident they'll try their best/
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