Bertuzzi - We need more!!!!

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Has Bertuzzi performed up to par so far this season?

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Post by Madcombinepilot »

The one thing that no one except the players and coaches know, however, is what goes on in the dressing room. All we can do is speculate from a detached distance. We don't know if Bertuzzi is still fighting a bad back. We don't know if the aftermath of the "incident" continues to weigh on him. There may be more to his average play than just his poor effort. Bottom line is we don't know, we can only watch and make our own opinions without all the facts.

All the facts are only known in the dressing room. Therefore, I have to trust Crawford and Nonis are making the right decisions with their handling of Bertuzzi as they have all the facts and we don't.
I am with Larry on this one. We have no idea whats going on in the dressing room. I do know that Bert has been playing better of late from a fans point of view, and is getting points. WHile not the punishing hitter he was (and really, who can blame him?), he still has the effect of at least drawing the other teams top defencemen to him. This means the twins play against teams #3,#4 D men, so he still helps in a little way.

I think what people find disapointing is that Bertuuzi doesn't drive the net like he used to. When he drove the net, THAT was exciting... but after the rash of wierd, phantom and softy calls on him, it seems like every time he does a 'power' move (a hit, driving the net, stands in front of the net, whatever) he gets a minor called against him. I am not sure if the refs, the coaches, or his little voice is telling him how to play, but I think its a combination of all three saying for him to let off a bit....
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Post by sk8er »

I'm sorry, I can't agree. I am hugely disappointed in his play. He only seems to pass to Nazzy and its always the little cutsey "I'm a playmaker" kinda pass, which gets picked off, usually for a scoring opportunity at the other end. I don't care if he gets a penalty driving to the net, then we boo the damn ref for making a stupid call. I'd rather he take a penalty doing that then that stupid lazy ass one he got last night near the end of the game.
Then there is his stellar defensive play. like how he stopped Letowski, teeny tiny Letowski from flying around him and scoring earlier in the road trip. Take a damn penalty then, I don't care. DON"T JUST STAND THERE LIKE BACKCHECKING IS BENEATH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
AND, if your back is hurting, then sit for a game or two and rest it, because you sure aren't helping the team!!!!!! :evil:
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Post by Delray »

Well put sk8er. Burtuzzi needs to get back to what he was when the Canucks decided to pay him big money for; a power forward whose meer presence was intimidating. Not someone thinking about a second career with the Ice Capades!
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Post by yammi »

I counted 3 bone-head, needless penalities in the PHX game, 2 in the Calgary game (including one in the last 5 minutes while the Canucks were working hard to protect their lead), and a couple more in the Edmonton game (one of which led to a goal).

Sometimes I wonder if this has a negative effect on rest of the team when Bert does this because none of these penalties would be considered "good" ones that prevent a goal from being scored ... they were more of the lazy, thoughtless variety.

Coupled with his indifferent play while he's not in the penalty box, it could be argued that he's hurting the team and it's work ethic.
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