TSN loses NHL Hockey Rights

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Re: TSN loses NHL Hockey Rights

Post by Strangelove » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:16 pm

Hockey Widow wrote: It has to be SW Ontario, if not Quebec. Only place with the population base that could easily fill an arena . But both Buffalo and Toronto would have to agree.

Not really sure where else in Canada a team could succeed if not Quebec City or SW Ontario.
If a team can thrive in Winnipeg, a team can most certainly thrive in Hamilton or Quebec City.

If the value of a team in Winnipeg is $340m one year removed from paying $170m for said team

... how much would the NHL demand in expansion fees for a team in Hamilton or Quebec City?

I would imagine about... $500m(??)... each... at this point.

And that price is no doubt rising by the minute.

PRIME locations. :mex:

Now some of that money would go directly to Leafs/Sabres and Canadiens (NHL would negotiate).

But yeah, franchise values are going through the roof!

This is something yours truly has stated time and again for which Bettman was willing to lockout the players.

A guaranteed large slice of the revenue pie AKA "cost certainty" is great in and of itself.

But franchise values are greatly affected by this, and THAT is where the action is.

I just can't fathom why folks tend to focus on revenues during lockouts and almost ignore franchise values.

Of course the two are tied together, but still.

I also can't fathom why Canuck Nation runs with a ridiculous rumour like "Aquaman can't afford to buyout Lou!"


Obviously he CAN, obviously $22m ($1.4m X 16 years) is just a drop in the bucket to this guy!

Good Gawd, reports surface that the value of the Canucks went from $342 to $700m

... in ONE year

... and it's just shrugged off.

And any talk of revenue likely generated is met with a bunch of... :look: s.

No one ever puts two and two together.

Ummmmmmmm..... FOUR! :twisted:

No, GAWD NO, let's just run with a rumour a local hack pulled out of his ASS.

Yup yup, we'll run with "Aquaman can't afford to buyout Lou!"

Tampa can afford to buyout Lecavalier, Islanders can afford to buyout DiPietro

... but your Vancouver Canucks cannot afford to buyout Luongo! :shock:

Seriously, I see this all over the interwebs.

Some guy suggests the Canucks buyout Luongo.

A gazillion guys jump all over him with "Haven't you heard?? Aquaman can't afford to buyout Luongo!"


Sigh, Common Sense has been sacrificed at the alter of Trending Right Now.

And never mind the fact that getting rid of the future Recapture Penalty EQUALS MORE CAP SPACE!



Anyway, where the hell was I...

Oh yeah I was about to open another bottle of wine. :blush:

I apologize for my disgusting condition and I assure you I will not inflict myself on you any further....

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Re: TSN loses NHL Hockey Rights

Post by Reefer2 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 6:11 pm

lol - Aquaman can afford to buy out Lou and the 3rd and 4th line and still make money over the next 10 years.

Canucks print money at each game with some of the highest prices in the league. I was taken to a game 2 weeks ago and the 4 tickets were worth over $1,200.00 plus food and beer about $50 (we ate before going in but still need snacks).

Watered down beer are $7.50 each and it is not even a real pint.

The question is not if he can afford to pay Lou it is more if he will do it as who do they have to take over?
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Re: TSN loses NHL Hockey Rights

Post by SKYO » Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:55 pm

Nah I'd rather buy out the entire team before Luongo.
A long time ago, a baseball player remarked: "If I owned a ballclub, I'd hire a $5,000 coach and a $15,000 scout."

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