Socks & Puppets

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Re: Socks & Puppets

Postby Todd Bersnoozi » Fri Jun 27, 2014 2:03 am

Strangelove wrote:
Oh you'd loooooove that wouldn't you Todd. :sly:

UMMMMM it's over when... I... say it's over MMMMMKAY?? :twisted:

*LOL* Like I said, do whatever u want.

Honestly, THE VERY DAY this thread was created Rummy sent me a PM:

"Doc, the whole reason Corn created that sock thread was to expose the Betamax/Todd connection!!"

It's time for you to be honest with your fellow Cornerites Todd. :hmmm:

Just do it man, guilty or innocent, just confess.

Well, I already stated my position on it and I'm not going to turn back it man. I never met Beta in my life, thus there is nothing to confess. OK, if u still want to go down this road. Let's play. Let's say u are right. If Beta and I were working together to hijack this board:
1) What are our crimes? What exactly is our objective?
2) Where is your proof? U seem to have a lot of time on your hands and u seem to recall everything I write. Go ahead and dig all the shit up and let the jury decide. Present your case Mr. Lawyer man. Don't start making accusations without a smoking gun.

Boy, I wish my students would hang on to my every word like these 2 guys; they'd do so much better in their exams. :lol:
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Re: Socks & Puppets

Postby Betamax » Fri Jun 27, 2014 9:21 am

Strangelove wrote:
Betamax wrote:
Strangelove wrote:*prosecution unrests*

LOL so GM, you don't deny working closely with the wee Todd? :mex:

duh, if Betamax was TBK/FL née GM, then this account would be his "sock." Therefore, this account would have been deleted and not the one that had establish some tenure and history here. 8-)

UMMMM... so you don't deny working closely with the wee Todd. :mex:

Well I suppose your refusal to deny it makes you a much better man than he. :thumbs:

As far as "tenure and history"... TBK was here for 8 months and 1037 posts.

YOU have been here for 2.5 months and 980 posts.

Not that much difference and word on the street is that TBK fell on his own sword.

In other words, one might assume GM was forced into a position to choose "TBK" or "Betamax".

And since the Betamax identity offers more freedom for GM (i.e. YOU) to express GM's true self

... that adds up to "TBK" being a sock of GM

… making "Betamax" the Real Deal.

The Real GM Deal.

Or so the theory goes.

Wot sayeth thou? :mrgreen:


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Re: Socks & Puppets

Postby Strangelove » Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:03 pm

I am SO disappointed in you two...
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